IT Recruitment – Sheffield

IT Recruitment in Sheffield

No city better combines the beautiful English countryside with technological entrepreneurship than Sheffield. If you are looking to work in a city with a community feel and IT projects to excite the most pioneering IT candidate, look no further than Sheffield. Nestled to the East of Manchester in South Yorkshire, Sheffield is a stone’s throw from the Peak District and has attracted innovators from artificial intelligence, to network infrastructure as well as award-winning contributors to the UK gaming economy with Team 17 creators of Worms and Sumo Digital of Little Big Planet 3 & Hitman fame.

Sheffield IT recruitment scene:

    • 18,961 Digital Jobs

    • 171 Startup births to recruit for

    • £46,278 Average IT Job Salary

    • 70% Tech sector growth potential

What people said about living in Sheffield:

    • 82% enjoy the overall quality of life

    • 74% like the cost of living

    • 70% like the growth potential in the area

Sheffield as a City:

According to the Ad Bureau, Sheffield has the highest ratio of trees to people in Europe! Perhaps it’s all the photosynthesis going on that has led to the city being put on the map.

Despite its smaller size, Sheffield has had some huge exports including Pulp, Arctic Monkeys, Sean Bean and The Full Monty whom all originate from the area. In fact, it’s Sheffield’s community atmosphere that has led it to be officially the happiest city in the UK. TCSG’s 2013 study found that a third of the people of Sheffield were happy every day of the week.

It’s also internationally renowned for its breweries. In 2014, The New York Times modestly tipped Sheffield as “the world’s best beer city” with special mention to the Kelham Island a riverside neighbourhood where out of use steel works have born a flourishing micro-brewery scene. The Kelham Island Tavern itself is the only put to have been named CAMRA’s National Pub of the Year twice in a row.

Sheffield also has an impressive history to celebrate. From the city’s ‘Woman of Steel’ memorial for the ladies who manned the munitions factories during world war one and two, to the recent visit from Inter Milan and football legend Pele, to commemorate the 150th birthday of the world’s oldest football side.

Moving forward, Sheffield is attracting growth from cutting edge digital agencies, games developers and investment in new technologies. We’ re proud to recruit for a range of clients in Sheffield from games houses Team17 and Sumo Digital, to digital agencies, web architects and e-commerce platforms.

If you’re a candidate, and are looking for work within Development, Infrastructure, Marketing, Professional Services, Quality & Assurance Testing or Support roles), you’re in luck because that’s precisely the sectors where we have connections in Sheffield.

Looking to grow your IT team?

Our consultants have an exceedingly good knowledge of the local area with competitive insights and experience of working with clients within the East Yorkshire area.

The process doesn’t just end when you onboard the candidate, we continue to work alongside you as your chosen recruitment provider to ensure that the candidate transitions smoothly and settles into your business well. We ensure that your company expands and grows with the right kind of talent.

We are always there to answer questions you may have and give our expert advice about IT recruitment strategies for businesses and the employment market in Sheffield. Contact us today.

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