IT Recruitment – Birmingham

IT Recruitment in Birmingham

Birmingham is a city battling its way to becoming the UK’s second city. With a strong manufacturing history and undeniably strong dependence on the motor industry, it has not always been easy pushing forward into the digital and start-up age.

But all that is changing. In 2014, The Guardian acclaimed The University of Birmingham’s Computer Sciences programmes as the best in the UK and with structured investment, co-working environments and incubator schemes, Birmingham is fast putting its digital and technological future first.

Birmingham has nurtured a close-knit digital community with regular tech meet-ups as well as summer BBQs hosted by Silicon Canal.

For such a large city, Birmingham has a unique community led feel from people who are proud to be a part of and contributing to the growth of the West Midlands.

Why work in Birmingham?

  • 36,802 Digital Jobs

  • 557 Start-up births to recruit for

  • £43,718 Average IT job salary

  • 67% like the tech sector growth potential

Life in Birmingham

  • 80% of Birmingham IT professionals like the overall quality of life

  • 62% like the cost of living

With 18 universities within an hour’s drive of Birmingham, Birmingham has access to the best graduate market the UK has to offer. Attracted by the affordable cost of living compared to other cities and affordable house prices, it’s easy to see why people choose Birmingham to make roots.

It’s not just large companies such as HSBC, Jaguar Land Rover and Deutsche Bank that give Birmingham its recruitment buzz. Advanced Computer Software Group created 400 IT jobs last year, Innovation Birmingham has also ensured that start-ups have a healthy environment to grow and Fazeley Studios provides social working environments for business to connect. The buoyant opportunities for corporate office spaces have attracted the likes of Deliveroo into the area as well as 25% of the UK’s gaming industry.

Our specialist consultants work with your company to ensure that it grows at the pace you want it to, with the right talent. We offer competitive insights, data-driven analysis and plenty of experience in recruiting within the West Midlands. Our service doesn’t just end at getting the candidate through the door, we continue our work with you, way after the candidate has begun working for you to ensure a smooth transition and settling in period, a service that not many can say they offer.

With our Birmingham city centre office, we are always here to answer your questions or to give expert advice regarding your IT recruitment strategy and the wider employment market in the West Midlands.

Our talented team are integral to the Birmingham tech scene. Our senior recruitment consultant, Alex Pitts, studied at the University of Birmingham and continued his career in the area. Having an excellent knowledge of the city and all its quirks is just one of the benefits to his commitment to helping businesses thrive.

To grow your business in Birmingham and the West Midlands or if you would like to consider a new role, why not get in touch for a no obligation call?

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