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A child of Microsoft, C# is an object-oriented language used in back-end software development. This versatile language powers developers with the building blocks to create a whole host of apps including but not limited to: Cloud, Internet of Things and Games using the cross-platform tools. With the ability to develop apps for iOS, Linux, macOS and Windows a C# Developer has the power to access the market on a truly massive scale!

At Applause IT we partner with various organisations across the UK & Europe working on some of the most innovative product development roadmaps in the C# & .NET space! We use an array of sourcing techniques, leaving no stone left unturned in the process of acquiring shortlists for our clients to peruse at their leisure.

If you are looking for a talented individual for your organisation, or would like a chat about building a team for your new, projects then click the link below and start a conversation with one of our specialist C# consultants today!

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