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Channel 4 recently announced that they had narrowed their search for the new home of their headquarters to Leeds, Greater Manchester & Birmingham. Applause IT are very proud #Brummies and, being partnered with many companies in the North West and Leeds, feel we are more than qualified to provide some points on where Birmingham sets itself apart from the rest!

Abundance of Talented Creatives

With creative studios around every corner and more craft bars & coffee shops appearing each week, Digbeth is establishing itself as Birmingham’s answer to Shoreditch and The Northern Quarter. Such a trend has also led to a rise in the number of creatives around the city, pulling Birmingham out of its dreary stereotype of the 1970’s and into something more deserving of ‘The city of 1000 trades’ title, Digbeth is already home to many very successful production houses, such as; Second Home Studios, Maverick TV & MediaDog, as well as BBC 3’s new studios. It’s no surprise that so many of these companies are finding success when you look at the amazing facilities at their disposal with Fazeley Studios, Zellig, The Custard Factory & The Bond Company.

Birmingham 2022

During their bid for the 2022 Commonwealth Games, Birmingham proved themselves to be the most appealing option against Liverpool and Edmonton & Victoria of Canada. This of course came as no surprise to us as we know all too well what Birmingham has to offer a major event such as the Commonwealth Games. A move to Birmingham would allow Channel 4 to continue their already fantastic coverage of sport they currently provide, with a nod to the Friday night international Rugby they provided over the summer! A base in the host city would certainly give Channel 4 the competitive advantage over the other television networks… #JustSaying

Birmingham 2022 Logo

Transport Links

Birmingham is prime-time real estate when it comes to getting around the rest of the country. The newly renovated Birmingham New Street offers services to all major towns & cities in Great Britain, whilst Birmingham International Airport also offers the opportunity to travel across the pond at one’s convenience. Not only accessible by plane & train, but also a city that is very convenient by car. With a multitude of major motorways that connect the country skimming the borders of the city, Birmingham is perfectly positioned for a base of operations for a company that shall often travel across the country for various location visits.

And here’s the big one…

High Speed Two has been a major talking point across the UK since its inception in 2013. Love it or loath it, work is due to commence on the line in the new year with an expected date of completion around early 2024. The new railway network would allow passengers to get from Birmingham to London in just 38 minutes and would make Birmingham the best-connected city in the UK. There is no other city that could offer such high-speed connections to London, Manchester, Leeds and other major cities across the country. The benefit this brings to a large organisation such as Channel 4 of course, is that they would have the freedom to run their nationwide operations from a central hub, with no area more than a matter of a couple of hours travelling away.

HS2 Travel Times from Birmingham

We at Applause IT are very proud of the city that we call home. We feel that Birmingham is a diverse community that offers something different for everyone and is a true representation of multicultural Britain of the 21st Century. The city aligns perfectly with the values of Channel 4, committing themselves to representing a 360-degree view of Britain.

“We aren’t saying that other cities can’t offer the same, but just that Birmingham does it better”

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