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Wade, Wendy and the world’s first robot lawyer- lessons learnt from Broadbean & Peter Gold’s Webinar #recruitinganalytics

In yesterday’s webinar with Peter Gold, we took a peek into the world of recruitment in the not so distant future. Gold predicts that not so far from now artificial intelligence and automated programs will take on 80% of a standard recruiter’s workload, freeing them up for the things that matter most- talking to you! At Applause IT we take pride in knowing that our candidates will be happy in their new role, and that our clients are receiving the top talent for their teams and work culture. Spending time to get to know one another helps us better match both sides.

Whether you’re a job seeker or recruiter, you’ll know that finding the best role or candidate can take a huge amount of time infinitely scrolling through jobs boards and LinkedIn profiles. Looking into the not so distant future, we can see four emerging trends to take on some of the heavy lifting, and help us see the candidate for the trees:

With a $4 million investment from Slack and Randstad, the world’s second-largest HR service provider, Wade and Wendy is perhaps one of the most exciting emerging technology companies to hit the world of recruitment. Wade is an artificially intelligent career advisor available with 24/7 career support. He will be able to show you job opportunities and will learn from your likes and dislikes to grow alongside your career. Wendy is an artificially intelligent in-house hiring assistant to help pre-qualify candidates to ensure they complement your company’s unique culture and work ethos- how handy!

Talla is an AI who can specifically help with the onboarding of new employees making sure they hit the ground running and cutting down on the unsettling time in limbo as new employee. From guiding employees as to company benefits, showing them how to setup the printer and coffee maker to scheduling and tracking their training programs, Talla is an omnipresent buddy for new staff.

  • Analytics

Want to be able to predict a how a change in salary, location or job title may affect your time to hire? Or how about predicting the churn time a role may have so that you can anticipate when a client may need a more employees or an employee may be re-entering the job market? By looking at analytics data we can use existing data to help us prepare better for the future. Not sure where to get the data from? Why not speak to Broadbean directly to see what data they can provide.

Getting a headache playing telephone tennis and pinging back emails to schedule meetings or interviews? Let or Amy, as she likes to be called, be your new personal assistant for all your scheduling needs. You’ll need to act quickly though, there’s already a weighty waiting list to trial the free version.

Chatting with three different kinds of A.I in the recruitment industry before breakfast may sound like overkill to some, especially given that we feel human interaction should be at the core of recruitment, however there is no denying the potential power of A.I and automated work systems in our workplace.

Even roles which once needed a law-degree can now be filled using A.I. Earlier this year the ‘Do not pay’ robot succeeded in winning 160,000 cases for clients contesting their parking fines!

It would be naive to think that A.I in the recruitment industry will never happen. As specialists in IT recruitment, Applause IT not only seek to be aware of the progressions in technology, but to champion their use to support and power our own workforce.  

Peter Gold’s Recruitment Survey showed that only 3.2% of recruitment agencies felt they had ‘good analytics’. At Applause IT, we are brushing up on our analytics to stay ahead of the curve because the future may be closer than you think.


What are your thoughts on the changing world of recruitment?

Will A.I help you free up time to do what you love? Or will it give you the self-serve checkout angst?


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