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Tired of hearing about top-tier talent?  Is it just alliteration? What does top tier talent mean?

Whatever it means to your business; you should figure it out quickly. From Indeed’s surveys as discovered at the #recexpo2017 at the NEC, not all teams are built equally.  Apple proffered that their high performers were 25 times more productive than their average employees, and Google value that their highest performers are 300 times as productive!

What about your own company? For a company of 100+ employees, it is estimated that the bottom 10% are responsible for 0% of the productive output of the company. Ouch.

85% are responsible for the heavy lifting generating 75% of the company's productive output. Not bad but still not 1:1. Which takes us to the dizzy heights of the coveted top-tier talent of your company.

4% are responsible for 16% of the company’s productive output, that’s 5 times the output of their average workers, and the outlying wunderkind 1% is responsible for a whopping 10%, averaging 10 times the productive output of the average worker at the same company.

As Sheryl Sandberg COO at Facebook once said: A team can never have enough strong performers

But how can you know you’ve got a top-tier candidate in front of you?

Using Indeed’s wealth of data, Matt Burney, pinpoints 5 areas that identify a top-tier candidate.

  1. Problem Solvers – ability to identify problems as well as ways to solve
  2. Passionate – meets tasks with enthusiasm and excitement
  3. Strategic thinkers – able to approach things from different perspectives
  4. Self-directive – initiates new tasks and assignments
  5. Drive – strong desire to succeed and accomplish

Our past experiences at work or during studies can help candidates to showcase their strengths with point 1)  and 3) on the checklist, but the truth is no qualification or placement can neatly tick off point 2, 3 or 5. They are harder to quantify and display.

If you want to appeal to top-tier talent, you need to bring your A-game to your recruitment strategy.

Tiresome application procedures, uninspired jobs pages, and impersonal communications will send those that value their time and their resources elsewhere- most likely to your competitors.

You don’t have to be a recognised brand like Airbnb or Apple to inspire the right talent.

Firstly, your recruitment consultant will make it their mission to understand everything there is to know about your company, so that they can be a true ambassador for your company’s mission, work ethos and of course, benefits.

Secondly, any candidate in this century will be looking at your company website and your hiring page. They may not have found you via your website, but that doesn’t mean it won’t leave a lasting impression about how your company values its future workforce. If you’re not sure where to start on how to update your ‘join us’ page, your recruitment consultant should be able to give you some valuable insights and pointers to get you started. 

Thanks again to Matt Burney Strategist at Indeed for the talk at Recruitment Agency Expo 2017

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