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Whichever way you look at it, recruiting the most impressive employees to your business is one of the hardest processes you will go through.  There is only so much top talent out there, and the fact remains that the majority of companies end up with the employees from the second or third level of the talent pool.  The entire recruitment process is a stressful one, and it could take weeks or months to track down the ideal candidates, and there is no guarantee that you will.

If you are company who relies on their HR team to do all their recruiting then you are piling even more responsibility on their already over worked shoulders. Think about it for a moment. HR take care of all the employees needs, work hard to keep a happy workforce and are the first to have the finger pointed at them when things go wrong. Throw recruitment into the mix, and the amount of time this takes up, and you are taking them away from where they are most needed.

If you are seeking a dream team workforce then the only sensible thing to do is leave it to the professionals. Recruitment agencies are recruiting staff for their clients every day of every week of every month of every year. This is what they do for a living, and are very very good at it. They are also cost effective as you may well end up paying your HR team overtime to cope with the often lengthy recruitment process, and are relying on them doing a great job but at the expense of their other tasks.

When you go to a recruitment agency the first thing they will ask you to do is define your perfect criteria. Their experience will also add things into the mix you may not have even considered. Skills and qualifications are the easy bit, but would you know how to create a killer ad that will appeal to the best of the best? Would you know how to make your company stand out from all the rest and have top talent wanting to work for you? The recruitment agency does  both, and much more besides.

They will not only create the perfect ad but know exactly where to place it to reach your target talent. They will put the hours in narrowing down the field and sorting the potential dream team members from those who really should be on the subs bench. When you get the final list of potential clients to interview you can relax in the knowledge that these are the very best and the only decision you have to make is which ones will best fit into your company culture.

The advice offered by recruitment agencies is priceless as they will tell you about avenues to explore that you may not even have considered. Rather than bringing in a big gun and expecting them to hit the ground running they could point you in the direction of dynamic graduates chomping at the bit to make their mark. These will not only carry a lower salary but you can also train them in the specific role you want them to fill so they effectively grow with your company.

Look through the bios of many leading CEO's and you will see how many of them joined the company on the bottom rung and worked their way up.  Your recruitment company will work both for and with you to attract the best young, or existing, talent and leave your HR team to do what they do best. 

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