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An online job search or a general recruitment agency might not be the best source for getting help with finding a job or a career.

Savvy job seekers are turning to specialist recruitment agencies because they tend to have workers who keep their finger on the pulse of different key industries. When you are seeking a job in a particular field, a specialist in that field can be the best ally, as they dedicate themselves to finding you the type of work you are seeking. Following are some tips for selecting the best specialist recruitment agency, particularly for IT opportunities in the UK.

  • Find out how much experience the agency's dedicated IT representative has in the IT industry
  • Ask for examples for how they filter out workers or companies
  • Ask for references, and verify their authenticity
  • Find out what classes, workshops, coaching or practice they offer to help someone in the IT industry prepare for interviews
  • Determine if they have a specialists who can help you cater your resume or curriculum vitae and cover letters to available jobs
  • Get information about their practices so you can determine whether they focus more on relationship building, job placement or both
  • Seek agencies that can look at your resume or curriculum vitae and recommend the type of IT work that you have the best odds of landing in your market
  • See if they help clients who aren't top notch to become a more eligible candidate, or if they require that everyone land in their office already polished and ready. If you are becoming top notch, but not there, and they offer no help in this regard, move on
  • See if their application process is friendly
  • See how organized, efficient, computer savvy and professional they are from top to bottom
  • Find out if they place people in IT jobs in government, private industry or both

If you commit yourself to doing due diligence as you seek a specialist recruitment agency, don't be surprised if you don't end up with one that knows how to serve you and your job search needs best.

Your future is very much in your hands so make sure you find a professional to help you reach your career goals.

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