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A recent report by IDG Connect shows a shocking statistic, the study of 650 global IT professionals revealed "intense, widespread psychological bullying in the workplace".

The study was conducted to reveal the workplace conditions and bullying across the tech world. 75% of people claimed to have been bullied and a rather staggering 85% have seen others bullying, although perhaps not surprisingly only 8% admit to bullying others.

However, that's not to suggest workplace bullying is more rife in IT than across any other areas of business, however many individuals who responded said they felt bullying was worse in IT than across other professions, although there is no evidence to back up these perceptions. Older people and women did feel they were more of a target.

IDG Connect state "via a blend of new statistics, detailed feedback from over 400 in-depth testimonials, along with insight from a range of industry experts, this report paints a pretty comprehensive picture of a seemingly endemic problem".

The vast majority of those surveyed said the bullying they had been subjected to was of a psychological nature, some reported verbal abuse with only a handful complaining of physical abuse.

The full report, "Bullying: The Uncomfortable Truth about IT" is available on the IDG website.

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