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Have you ever heard of the expression 'the Internet of things'? You know how we often talk about bringing dead things back to life using technology?

Well the Internet of things means bringing devices most associated with being offline into the online world. That's it really, a simple explanation of a slightly more complex process.

This is done by embedding pieces of electronics such as sensors, connectivity, software etc into physical objects enabling them to exchange data with their manufacturers, their users or other devices connected to them. To get a better idea of how this works think about if you had a fridge that lets you know you were running out of milk, or a gas cooker that told you the canister was nearly empty? That is the Internet of things.

It's not a new concept, the process started back in 1999 but it has recently exploded into the latest hot topic. It is now a term that is being used freely alongside those other buzz words 'wearable technology', 'distributed computing' and 'big data'. As IoT, the cool abbreviation of Internet of Things, is expected to be capable of generating heaps of data, this data will then have to first processed then indexed and finally stored. As far as us recruitment companies are concerned this offers many opportunities but also plenty of challenges.

It effectively means that jobs which don't exist today could well become abundant and critical in 2-3 years time. If we look into our crystal ball and travel forward in time by 5 or even 10 years time the need for designers, engineers and developers will be even more important than they are now. As it stands at the moment developers of Android, HTML5 and IOS are hugely in demand. Other hotties on the current job boards are big data analysts and architects, security specialists, project managers, networking experts, business intelligence specialists, device management, compliance governance and mobile applications.

Industries such as construction, transportation, home automation, manufacturing, healthcare, environmental and energy will soon all be seeking a new breed of tech-savvy workers. Internet speed will be force to increase while data volume, network latency and bandwidth will go down. All service and infrastructure will have to be adapted and the cloud will continue to grow until it takes out all opposition and reigns supreme. There will also be a sharp rise in the demand for security specialists and questions will arise regarding data integrity.

As far as us recruitment consultants are concerned we will have to be bang up to date on all the new skills sets which will be required for all the new job roles so we are ready to find them for our customers. Businesses may need existing staff to undergo more training and extra staff brought in to cope with demand. CV screening will take on a whole new meaning and the way we currently do technical interviews will also need to be addressed. The message is pretty clear; be ready to accept the Internet of things or be left behind! 

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