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Love it or loathe it, cloud storage is here to stay. A basic computer user who can just about find their way around Facebook will probably not have bothered with it or will think it too complicated. Dedicated users and businesses however have long cottoned to the fact that as far as storing information or a data that may be of a sensitive nature, it is the best thing since cut bread. This finally eliminates the need for mountains of paperwork and documents and the offers that essential back up should IT equipment fail and/or hard drives wiped.

The impact which cloud computing has had on businesses in the UK is undeniable. The ability to have instant access to your files and data any time and from anywhere has changed the face of business forever. Forget those piles of files which were a staple of a business meeting, thanks to cloud you will be lucky to find any paperwork these days. This gives businesses more control over their access to information than ever before, and the only people upset by this are manufacturers of filing cabinets.

Security it always a big worry when it comes to anything cyber related, and when you hear of huge companies having their databases hacked its becomes a even bigger concern. As far as cloud storage is concerned the very latest cutting edge systems are installed and the parameters are constantly changing to avoid possible attacks from outsiders. You can also set your own cloud security so that you decide who can have access to your files and reports are readily available to see who and when has been in there.

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It only takes few minutes to set everything from passwords to security questions to ensure only yourself, or designates users have access to this data. One who is self-employed may only allow themselves access where as a company such as a law firm for example may have several people who can access them. In larger corporations different departments are likely to all have their own cloud storage run by the same company but all with their individual log ins etc so that nobody from sales, for example, can access the data stored for the accounts departments.

Global Cloud Cover
Global operations are making the most use of cloud storage as it eliminates the need for vital documents to be faxed or emailed. If you are UK businessman travelling overseas you no longer have to download documents onto your device or carry reams of paperwork around. Pop the files needed for the trip into the cloud and when you reach your destination, be it Paris or Hong Kong, you can easily access them again from that end. A lot less stressful and an awful lot safer.

Cloud Hosts
The number of cloud storage hosts is increasing all the time. The prices widely vary and there are many who offer this service free of charge. While the latter is probably fine for Joe public, companies which copious amounts of sensitive data are more than likely to go with the larger, reputable sources who have proved their worth. These will invariably cost a lot more but as they also bring with them peace of mind and prevents them from falling foul of such legislation as the data protection act.

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