What’s the biggest killer of productivity in a business?

An empty desk.

A scene we see often enough: an employee leaves a business unexpectedly, leaving their desk (and position) empty. Wanting to maintain the cultural environment, the business won’t bring just anyone in to replace them.

I am here to offer you a solution… use the Gig Economy.

Shooting to mainstream fame through Uber & Deliveroo, the Gig Economy is a marketplace for workers paid by a business as a resource as opposed to an employee. Working on a ‘piece rate’ basis, Gig Economists in the Tech & Digital market will work a project with a business. Usually, this will be for a set period before leaving for a change of scenery.

Uber v Deliveroo 

What is the Gig Economy? 

“Involving exchanges of labour for money between individuals or company. Typically done so on a payment by task basis.” – UK Government definition

In 2016, the Gig Economy accounted for 1.56 million people, approx. the combined population of Birmingham & Manchester, injecting more than £119bn to the economy.

Gig economists are generally aged 18-34, with a University degree. Generally, this demographic holds little stock in job security and are likely to be the most confident in their own ability to finding work.

Gig Economy - Size

What about the Gig Economy are you missing out on? 


Without considering the time for searching & interviewing candidates. You could spend up to 3 months waiting for a new employee to join the business due to the length of their notice period.

A contract worker is likely to be available in at most a matter of weeks. Allowing you to get back to your work, or get that project started/back on track much sooner.

Think of contract/freelance staff as a variable cost to your business, separate to the costs incurred by the everyday running of the company. They are a means to an end; all parties understand they aren’t a long-term fix, a stop gap between no staff and the new member of staff.

Notice periods

So why are people leaving stable jobs for a life of uncertainty? 

With a niche skill set, Gig Economists work with businesses to solve their problems on a short / medium-term basis. Most are commonly employed to get a project off the ground or implement a new process.

Other reasons to get involved are:

  • Higher job mobility (new project every 6-12 months)
  • Higher earning potential
  • Master a skill (become the market leader in their preferred discipline)
  • Job flexibility

Top contractor roles

How can this benefit a business? 

Now that’s all well and good for contractors, but how does this help the business in filling their empty desks and getting their projects launched?

What’s in it for you?

As I said, the contract market is where the best talent hangs out. Java Developers & IT Project Managers are among the most popular roles filled by contract resource. North West based Java consultant Tom tells me that he is working with companies to help them understand that the best talent on the market found within the contract space, to decide could be their best option.

They may come at a price; though often they are available without a notice period. Now that’s not me saying you must spend big but asking you to consider the opportunity cost of leaving that desk empty or stalling a project whilst you wait for your ideal applicant.

That’s where Applause IT come in. Putting you in contact with contractors available to start immediately. Once we have found you your contractor, we will scour the marketplace for that perfect permanent candidate to step into the role as they are ready.

Companies that specialise in contract roles will have a talent pool to supply talent for your projects & skill shortages. Yet, their interests will be in retaining this talent pool. Meaning they will pull their resource out of your organisation almost as quick as they provide it. At Applause IT, we cover both contract & permanent roles. We view contract work as a short-term fix whilst we concentrate on the long-term solution. Working this close to both sides of the coin also allows us to draw talent from both sides to meet your requirements.

Top benefits of contractors

The consultants at Applause IT partner with businesses across the country. Part of their service includes advising Hiring Managers & Team Leaders of their best options in talent acquisition.

If you have a permanent vacancy that you have struggled to fill, then perhaps it is time to consider a contractor?

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