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If you stepped into the Applause IT offices last Friday, you’d be forgiven for thinking we’d made an almighty leap into the bakery biz.

All the key contenders were there: Red Velvet, Lemon Drizzle, Rocky Road, Victoria Sponge, Cupcakes, Coffee Cake, Blondies, Lemon Tart, it was enough to make your head spin before the sugar-rush floored you. Apologies for any nonsensical calls or emails from 11 am onwards Friday morning- we were suffering from a severe case of sugar coma on a Bart & Milhouse’s Super Squishee scale…

But last Friday wasn’t just an excuse to eat cake and partake in a little baking rivalry. It was a chance for us all spend a moment thinking of others and for all the hard work that Macmillan do to support those living with cancer as well as the friends and loved ones it inevitably affects too.

We #raiseamug to all those who helped support Macmillan’s biggest ever coffee morning. It’s amazing what we can do when we all pull together for a shared cause that affects so many. 

Smiles before the sugar overcame us…

The recruitment team bakeoff

Our Star Baker, Jacinta, celebrating her Bake-Off win with Granny's Coffee Cake recipe 🙂 

Reigning Star Baker Champion

…and the aftermath post-judging. (still lots leftover to see us through Monday!) 

The aftermath

Together we raised £109.50, enough to pay a Macmillan Social Worker for a day to help manage practical issues of living with cancer. 

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