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Recruiting using social media is one of the most important and challenging skills to have when you’re looking to select the cream of the crop in terms of talent. It’s not just about one skill, which is where people struggle, it relies on you being a content creator, to have an opinion and actively seek out opportunities to engage.


There was a time in recruitment history where you could place a job advert in your local paper, the national press or even more recently on a generic job board and watch the applications roll in. Thankfully, those days are long gone. It’s now the dawn of a new era where recruiters recruit using the skills, knowledge and tools needed to not only reach out but also engage the quality candidates employers are looking for. Social media has become a key component to the approach but many still struggle.

WHY: Because you need to be where the passive candidates are, and they’re using social media.

To grow your business you need to attract and retain quality employees that fit with your company culture, social media will help you to achieve this and grow your business.

The ultimate list of social media recruiting resources, from tweets to hashtags it’s covered here.

The basics, what are you going to be social about?

We’ve all been there, you walk into a room full of strangers and nobody knows what to say. Many see social media through the same eyes; their concern is which tools to use and what to say to engage the audience.

Top 30 Social Recruiting Tools [INFOGRAPHIC]

Tweet, tweet, it’s time to use Twitter to source quality candidates

Twitter will never solve the whole recruitment issue on its own but it’s one of the most popular social media tools on the planet at the moment with some 232 million active users so it would be extremely wise to use it as part of an overall recruitment strategy.

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Using the Facebook platform with the potential reach of billions

The largest of all the social platforms the growth of Facebook seems to be never sending. The final quarter of 2014 saw them with 1.35 billion monthly active users. Facebook is often dismissed as a recruitment tool as it’s more of a personal space, however, pitch yourself just right and watch the interest grow amongst people’s peer groups – your target audience.

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LinkedIn is the obvious social recruitment choice, or is it?

Known as the professionals Facebook LinkedIn is the most obvious place to start social recruiting, with 330 million worldwide users it certainly has a place but LinkedIn is becoming more of a job board than a business network so you’ll need to push the boundaries to stand out from the crowd. It’s also only applicable on the whole for business roles.

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Who uses Google Plus? Don’t dismiss it just yet …

Amazingly for a Google initiative Google Plus has never quite hit the mark in terms of being a popular social media platform, however, like with most things Google offer there is still some value to be had. By adding content to Google Plus you indicate to Google that your site has new content, this will be picked up on a crawl but can take some time. The jury is out on whether social signals help with Google rankings but why take the risk?

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Using visual engagement to attract candidates with Pinterest and Instagram

A visual approach to attracting your target candidate, this may not suit all sectors, but for the creative industries, what better way to showcase your company and role than with visuals highlighting the key benefits of working for your organisation. You can show people, the office, the culture and the fun side of work.

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Don’t just take our word for it – Social Recruiting Case Studies

Nothing gets the point across quite like a case study, to see the theory being put into practice is usually a moment of clarity and a big incentive to adopt these new approaches in your recruitment process. You’ll see from these case studies this is not new, it’s just so far only been done well by big brands.

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