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If you’ve been tasked with your organisations mobile development project you may find you’ll be looking to expand your team to look for the specialists that are mobile developers. It may sound like an easy task, simply put an advert out there and watch the applications coming rolling in?

However, you may well find that the demand for mobile developers well exceeds the supply, meaning you may find limited responses, or those that do respond are not actually qualified. The hard truth is the very best mobile developers are already employed or contracting in what can be very lucrative roles so they are not actively seeking new opportunities.

Don’t despair! There are still ways to find your dream developer. There are a few tweaks and twists that will improve your chances of accessing the very best in mobile developer talent. Here are a few tips and clues.

Mobile technologies are moving at an alarming rate and it’s difficult for anyone to keep up. If you’re looking to hire someone in mobile app development it is important you educate yourself on where the current trend is and exactly what you need from your developer.

Be realistic

We’d all like to be able to find a developer with iOS, Android and HTML5, much like we’d all like to find the pot at the end of the rainbow!

Increase your chances

Open your job advert with a sales pitch on your company. Think about why a top mobile app developer would want to work for your company or agency, what makes you stand out from the rest?

Can you offer them flexible working, working from home, training or the ability to strengthen their skills further and add to their portfolio?

You’ll need to revisit and rewrite your job description, decide what the absolute essentials skills are for the role, then add the “nice to haves” but in small measures, you don’t want to put people off if they think they don’t tick enough of the boxes. Take an approach of essential skills and then preferred skills, mention that training is available for anyone who meets the essential criteria.

Think outside the box

Boolean searches

A little trick a lot of recruiters use to find passive candidates especially those working in the IT and digital space is by trawling for candidates using Boolean searches. There’s a nifty little tool here to help you if you’re struggling:

The majority of developers have their own blogs and websites to showcase their talent, you can use these to find candidates who are probably not registered with lots of job boards.

Recruitment agencies

Obviously, we would say this but in many instances specialist recruitment agencies already have a talent pool available to tap into or they know of potential candidates to suit your requirements, they may also be able to help you define the job role and description to help you understand exactly what you need to help your business.


As you can imagine there are lots of communities for developers of every shape and form for you to tap into. One we recommend for mobile app developers is Github, which is community of open source developers and can give you access to the very cream of the crop.

An often underused part of LinkedIn is also the groups, you’ll need to pick out the genuinely useful one’s from the spammy one’s that are no longer moderated but again there are some very talented developers collaborating across the LinkedIn platform.

There are developers out there; you just need to look at little harder to find the one that is right for you. If you combine realistic expectations with a more direct approach to reaching your target audience you will find the developer for you!

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