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As an employer it can be hard to stand out from the crowd when you’re looking to add talent to your team. We sometimes find it difficult ourselves to make our adverts get noticed, especially as the recruitment space becomes more crowded across social media channels. LinkedIn is awash with recruiters trying to grab the attention of potential job seekers and the adverts and approaches they use are becoming more and more creative and in some cases bizarre.

So, we thought we’d scan the internet in search of inspiration for recruitment adverts. It can be wise to add humour and creativity to your approach, that way your advert is likely to be retweeted or passed on through social shares. We’re not sure some of these quite hit the mark though, surely they’re not serious?

1. Computer engineers

As IT recruiters, perhaps we should try this approach, it’s certainly inventive!

2. Someone with a keen eye 

Those who cannot find these mistakes need not apply. The internet is awash with typos from copywriters, marketers and designers, this advert should ensure they get the cream of the crop!

3. Help from Minions in running evil deeds

We all need a Dave, Kevin and Bob in the office, possibly a good approach in time with the new Minions release, we think a splash of colour and breaching the trademark with a character would help! 

4. A career move to "Get Rich Quick"

We have to admire the sheer cheek of this advert poster … and wonder how many calls they got. Just in case you're wondering, you can contact us on 0906 ….!

5. Working like a machine

We actually love this series of adverts from jobs in town, really creative, eye catching and although humourous they get the message across nicely. We chose not to post the image of the butt, mainly on the grounds of common decency.

6. A getaway driver perhaps?

It's amazing how blatant these criminals are becoming looking for help, it's not enough to advertise for Minions, these people take it to a whole new level (or perhaps struggle with the English language)




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