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Lately one of the most talked about areas of recruitment is that of mobile recruiting. It's a natural progression, recruiters need to be where the candidates are, candidates or people in general are never too far from their mobiles.
Mobile phones, smartphones in particular are now used for emails, accessing their TV, connecting with friends, and searching and applying for jobs. The increase in the use of smart phones has created a huge opportunity for those looking to recruit. The difficulty is perhaps deciding the route to go down to attract and engage with a mobile audience.

A recent report from Indeed looked at the search behaviours of the mobile job seeker. A staggering 62% of people search for jobs on their mobile, the main reason being convenience. Further to this 66% of job seekers would like to apply for jobs via their smartphone if the process was easier, a missed opportunity by many with only 20% of career sites offering the ability to apply via mobile technology.

However, there is still uncertainly around the job application process via smartphones. Nearly half of the job seekers surveyed said the screen size was an issue and it was difficult to edit CVs on mobile to apply for a particular role.
We think mobile is going to become more and more critical to recruitment over the next year and not just for job searching. Other areas to keep an eye on are:

Remote interviewing
Using tools like Skype or FaceTime employers can now interview from anywhere in the world from the comfort of their smartphone.
This presents a huge opportunity to whittle down the selection list in a timely and cost effective manner. It's more convenient for everyone and for a stage one interview works very well.
Further to this, companies are now asking candidates to record videos answering predefined questions that can be watched on mobile whilst on the move, what could be more convenient for a busy schedule?

The mobile experience
Possibly more important for the IT and digital sector than any other industry. Businesses in this sector want to appear at the cutting edge of technology and therefore the candidate experience should reflect this regardless of the digital touch point whether it be desktop, tablet, mobile and even games console.
Therefore, an employer's website as a minimum needs to be mobile friendly and responsive to adapt to changing devices, most candidates free time is mobile based, on the train home or in a lunch break therefore convenience is a key driver.

Candidates need to be able to do their research on your company on a device that is convenient but also offer a positive experience that leaves a positive impression of your company and the role on offer. The ultimate offering would be applying via mobile too, if you can crack that nut you'll be in the forward thinking 20%.

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