In June we looked at the impact the acquisition of Playground Games and what this could mean for the industry. With the recent release of Forza 4 we thought this would be a great opportunity to see how these deals have affected the organisations four months on.

Playground Games are best known for their Forza series, which has always been exclusive to the Microsoft Xbox. In purchasing the producer of their star child product, Microsoft may have found a masterstroke. Especially with the release of Sony’s PlayStation exclusive Marvel Spider-Man last month. In controlling the development of Forza, the game they see as a draw to the Xbox market, Microsoft will have had a large amount of control in the creation of the game, ensuring their console offers the most innovative, immersive experience in the car racing market. The pay off is yet to be seen, but if the Applause IT office is any barometer to go by then excitement surrounding Forza is higher than ever before.

Playground Games are passionate about being the best games developer in the world. An aspiration like this is usually easier to achieve with the help of a gaming superpower such as Microsoft behind them. Upon partnering with Microsoft Studios, Playground’s Director Gavin Raeburn told MCV in June;

“We can now collaborate more closely with Xbox and the other first party studios”

Playground can now access the economies of scale to enable them to grow beyond their independent means. Being partnered with such a widely recognised corporation also has its benefits when it comes to recruiting the best talent for their teams. The brand Microsoft has a massive appeal to those working in the gaming community, known around the world as leaders in their field the Microsoft logo adds a great deal of credibility to any business.

We are really excited to see where this partnership takes Playground Games with rumours circulating on a new Fable game! Something that is like to pull our internal Digital Marketer & current PlayStation fanboy across to the Green side…

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