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Many businesses struggle with the recruitment process, it's not always someone's core role so gets left at the bottom of the pile. It has been quoted as being like "Forrest Gump's box of chocolates in that you never really know what you are going to get". So the big question for your business is how are you going to attract the hazelnut whirls to your business and leave behind the orange creams?

Start with your criteria
You need to be specific with the criteria you set for a role; it should include knowledge, qualifications and skills with personal traits based on the job opportunity available. You're looking for a blended individual so you need to advertise for one.

You might want to start by asking yourself a few simple questions, the answers to which should give you a good outline for the person you're looking for:

  • Are all the qualifications necessary or is experience more valuable?
  • How many years' experience will they need to have in order to understand the role?
  • Do you have the capacity to train someone who is a good personal fit?
  • What applications and programs will candidates need to be proficient in, what transferable skills could you consider?
  • Does a person need particular character traits and how can they demonstrate them?
  • What is your company culture like, what personality will fit best in your organisation?

Recruitment methods
There are many ways to recruit, we are recruiters would obviously say use the professionals but we also understand why businesses sometimes want to approach things themselves.

In the technological age we live in online and digital channels are the most obvious place to advertise your vacancies. We believe you should almost always advertise your roles online in order to reach the largest possible audience, the key is to ensure you choose the right online channels. If you're looking for a technical analyst your best bet is probably not a general job board, you need to look for specialisms. This could be specialist job boards, forums, magazines or even blogs.

Social media
The buzzword of the recruitment industry for some time now and still a valid channel. The key again is knowing where your target audience are and how to reach them. You may have lots of followers to your company pages and accounts which is a great place to start, using the hashtag on Twitter is also a useful tool to reach people, a popular tag is #itjobs in our sector. LinkedIn is a very effective tool for finding passive candidates, although be careful not to spam, candidates do get fed up of being contacted by recruiters! However, LinkedIn offer an advertising model to reach candidates, you can also use your company page and personal contacts to spread your vacancy far and wide.

Careers Fairs
If graduates are what you're looking for you can go straight to the source, this can be done both online and through careers fairs. A growing number of universities now host careers fairs for graduates to go and find out about the potential jobs available to them. These can be used as networking events for you or if you have a large number of vacancies to fill or a graduate programme it may be worth having a stand. This gives you an unparalleled opportunity to speak to and gather the CVs of candidates, and not just any candidates, they one's you're looking for.

Recruitment agencies
We couldn't really write about the recruitment process without mentioning recruitment agencies, could we?

Yes, we are a cost, but the cost of a bad recruitment decision can be far more expensive.

The key when choosing any recruitment agency, regardless of the sector you work in is to research and research well. You're looking for a recruitment partner, not just a supplier; your recruitment agency should really be an extension of your own business. They need to understand you and your company almost as well as you do.

Using a recruitment partner can free up a lot of your time, they can do the initial search and selection, using their own databases and industry knowledge to whittle down a list of potential candidates for you. Agencies are also invaluable if you want your recruitment confidential and discreet.

Internal selection
You already have an excellent team; you know how they fit into your business and add value. You may want to consider that your next hire is actually going to be a current member of your team who wants to progress their career and stay with your organisation, a great opportunity for both you and them.

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