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Finding and hiring a new employee costs a company in both time and money, and however good their credentials look on paper you have no idea how they will actually fit in the dynamics of your organisation.  Taking the time during the actual recruitment and induction process gives you a better chance of hiring people who are not only fantastic at their jobs but who will be a real asset to the company. Here are a few tips on hiring and keeping not just the right person for the job but the best person for the company.

Be ready for their arrival

The first day at work in a new place should be really exciting yet for many it is a major disappointment. Your new recruit will be chomping at the bit to get to work and show you what they are capable of and that you made the right choice. Make sure everything is in place for them starting and if you have to take them on a tour and make them sit through videos etc arrange a date to do that before they start. Their first day at work can set the mould for how they will perform, so have everything in place ready.

Listen to what they have to say

A study from CareerBuilder has cited that 66% of new employees will actually consider leaving the job if they feel that their manager isn't listening to them or they are undervalued. Even the newest employees need to feel as if they are part of the team and what they have to say is valid. When managers have their team talks they should address the newbies by name, bring them into the conversation and make them feel as if they belong and are already a valuable asset to the team. This will give them the confidence to share their ideas and make them more willing to try and engage in the future.

Ease them in gently

While new employees cannot wait to get stuck in they also need time to adjust between how things were done at their old company and the way things are done at your organisation, some of which you may actually be able to learn from. Hitting the ground running is great in theory but it can also make them feel overwhelmed, this is the last thing you need as it can kill their motivation stone dead and that can be very difficult to get back. Set them small milestones, let them know you what you realistically expect and make sure there are plenty of training materials at their disposal if they aren't sure of anything. Ensuring you’re approachable with an open door policy will also help them settle in.

Bring in a rewards scheme

One way to make it easier on the new employee, and to give the motivation to succeed, is to implement a rewards scheme just for them. If you set goals with worthwhile rewards for their endeavours you will see early on what they are made of. You will soon see which ones strive to achieve and which ones aren't that bothered and will just plod along doing their job but not going that extra mile. Rewards work best when they are based on the individual, this doesn’t need to be a monetary reward, some may value an extra long lunch break once in a while or being able to leave early one Friday a month to pick up their kids.

Give the newbie a buddy

Starting work in a new environment can be as stressful as it is exciting. By selecting people to buddy up with your employees will not only make them feel as ease but start the camaraderie building from day one. Be careful who you select as the bullies. The over achievers who are bursting with confidence may seem a good choice but the newbie could feel completely intimidated by having this power house at their shoulder and try too hard. Aim for those who haven't been around too long as they will still remember how it felt to be the new guy or girl.

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