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As we said last month in our candidate version of this blog, building any relationship takes a lot of time, patience and effort from both sides. Whether you’re a candidate or an employer, the relationship with your recruiter is no different. It needs to be strong to succeed. Essentially, what we as recruiters aim to do is extend your HR department or act as an aid to your hiring managers in sourcing the right talent for latest business growth.

We work with a lot of clients ranging from corporate MNCs, to SMEs, to start ups, to creative agencies in a range of sectors. So, rest assured, we’ll have a strategy that suits whoever you are, wherever in the UK you’re based and whatever you need.

So, what really makes the best client-recruiter relationship?

    1. Communication

      Communication is fundamental to building a long-lasting relationship. We generally prefer to meet with our clients face-to-face investing time into understanding you and your business. This not only helps us but it gives the opportunity for clients to convey who they are as a business and what they are looking for. As we act as an extension of your business, we really want to get to know the ins and outs of your environment, culture, and atmosphere to help us recruit the right kind of person who is likely to fit in and enjoy the way of life.

Understanding the strategy of your business is crucial to us finding the right talent for you. Making any changes to the strategy or not being transparent with your recruitment consultant from the beginning could be detrimental to the process, so by keeping a two-way open dialogue everyone knows what’s going on.

    1. Brief

      There are some clients who just ask us to send over some CVs for a couple of roles they’re recruiting for. Whilst this could potentially work (though we wouldn’t advise it as a long-term go-to strategy), it is full of all kind of problems. As your recruitment provider, we really want to get under the skin of your business and understand what you need. Sending us your brief, and an initial meet, coffee, chat, conference or some sort of face-to-face briefing meeting really does help us do that.

    2. Time

      This one slightly overlaps into other points, but is just as important nonetheless. The partnership with your recruitment agency will, in the majority of cases, eventually lead to a new hire. Therefore, the time you devote and the investment put into the exchange is worthwhile. Re-recruiting is a costly job, so taking half an hour out to talk through the brief, and help us understand thoroughly what talent you need can already set us off at double pace.

    3. Why partner up?

      Professional recruitment agencies offer significant benefits; we have plenty of experience built up over a number of years along with a detailed insight into a specific marketplace. Through this, clients therefore have unlimited access to the knowledge and insight of our specialist IT recruiters.

      Essentially, as a business with the aim of partnering with an agency, identifying your objectives and goals for the recruitment process will really help to promote success, get your agency to speak the same language as you and make you a more attractive employer. After all, it’s not just candidates who need to compete.

    4. How do we work?

      We work on a single point of contact basis in that as our client you’ll only ever work with one consultant. This approach is designed for us to get to know you and your business to provide the right permanent, interim, or contract talent. By doing this we can develop a long-term relationship with you which will allow us to dig in to your business. It’s a two-way process and we want you to feel comfortable with your consultant. This is why we believe that relationships really are the pinnacle to acquiring the best IT team possible for your company.

We’re always open for a chat, so whatever your brief, whatever size your company, or whatever skill set you’re after, we can help.

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