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Building a relationship takes time, hard work, and a degree of mutual input for it to be a trustful, long-lasting and successful exchange. Recruitment is no different. Here at Applause IT, we know this, working with many candidates and clients who are all looking for their perfect match.

Working with a single recruitment agency when you’re a candidate doesn’t have to be the only option, but it’s always a good idea to consider. It’s also worth being sure that the agencies you are working with aren’t working on behalf of the same clients (who really should just choose one!). That’s when things can start to get messy.

Nurturing the relationship

When you’re working with a recruitment agency, whether it’s your first job fresh out of university as a graduate, or whether it’s for a high-level ‘head of’ role, relationships remain just as important.

Have you ever been told you don’t fit the bill for a specific role for a company? Us too. It doesn’t mean you’re not qualified for the role, and it doesn’t mean that you should give up entirely! You’re probably not the right fit for the company, or perhaps your experience doesn’t quite add up to what they would really like.

Often, it’s no reflection on you. What not to do in this situation is to completely stop communicating with your recruiter, or even be rude to them. It’s not entirely their fault. After all, if there’s not a job that you’re suitable for right there in that moment, it doesn’t mean that there’s no jobs at all suitable for you.

As recruiters, we often have jobs that come through the door, and we instantly cast our mind to a candidate who we’ve worked with or are working with who it would suit down to the ground. The problem is, if you’ve gone off the face of the earth (but are potentially still looking for a role), we can’t help!

Candidate selection

It’s really easy to get distracted and to believe that you have to be applying to everything and anything to get the role you so badly want. As with most things in life, it’s quality over quantity. Spending the time to work with your recruiter on one quality application can be all it takes to get that call back!

We’re always a friend at the end of the line

Making time for your recruiter is really important. We’ll always take the time to schedule a phone call or meet face-to-face for a coffee with our candidates to ensure that we really get to know you. This ensures that we have the best chance possible in putting you forward for the right role and that you feel comfortable in working with us.

Preparing for the interview

We’ll do everything we can to assist you in your quest to find a new role, but ultimately, we can’t perform for you on the day of the interview. In saying that, we always want to fill you with the best recruitment experience, so if you think there’s something missing or a service we can provide for you, we will do our best to accommodate.

Honesty is the best policy

This is probably the most obvious, cliché and overused tip in recruiting, but probably the most important. We can’t stress enough that being honest to your recruiter is vital. Ultimately, meeting with your recruiter about a role is like the practice round. We can give you insight into any issues with your application or interview preparation, think of it as a free round where mistakes don’t really count. Therefore, being honest about your skill-set or experience will go a long way in getting the right role for you.

Our recruiters are specialist IT recruiters within the technology industry with strong connections to a range of IT and digital companies.

We’re often working on multiple roles throughout the UK with hubs in Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, and London. Sound like the kind of thing you’re in the market for? Give us a call or check us out here.

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