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It’s safe to say that everybody has hired somewhat of a ‘bad’ employee in their time. We invest heavily into our own employees as a recruitment agency, but we’ve still had one or two who have made a duff career move.

Trying to get the balance right is tricky, sometimes you know when you’ve got the right hire, you can just feel it, they’re right for your brand, for your company, and something about their experience or personality really resonates with you. However, sometimes it’s just not like that. Candidates can come head-to-head in decision making process, so much so that some elements may be overlooked.

There may be some candidates who are making a leap into a new career, so maybe their experience doesn’t tally up in comparison, but their passion is something that another candidate didn’t have. Maybe you took the notion that they can learn about the job, but no one can learn to be passionate. It’s something that just is. However, in reality, it turned out that their learning capability wasn’t as fast as you thought it could potentially be. Or, maybe, tables turned; the person with the experience didn’t have the personality to fit in to the kind of team that your company has. This is a difficult one because you won’t truly know until the candidate is in the thick of day-to-day life in the office.

So, just how do you measure success?

There’s so many ways you can ensure you’re doing the right thing to encourage the right talent to you, and if you’re unsure, well it’s better to be a person down than hire for the sake of it. At Applause IT, we screen all of our candidates before they even get to you so you won’t have to worry whether they’ll make the fit for your company. We strive to ensure that we get to know you as a company, acting almost as an extension to your brand to recruit the right talent for you.

Organisations need to take sensible steps in ensuring that the hires are not the product of a bad decision. A recruitment agency such as Applause IT can help you to reduce the risks involved in on-boarding a new employee. Our knowledge of the industry, working with clients and candidates to manage their expectations and capabilities is essential in helping to select the right person for the job.

How much does it cost?

Effect on staff morale

A bad employee doesn’t just come and go, they affect the working environment and disrupt the flow of good working practices. If not addressed quickly and efficiently enough, you may see a high labour turnover rate as a result.

Effect on workload

If a bad employee doesn’t have the skills, the interest, the experience, to be able to take on a portion of the team’s workload and do it successfully, then the rest of the team will feel it. Workload only needs to increase little by little and the pressure will be felt by the team. This is not only an expense to the company by having to pay a salary to someone who isn’t pulling their weight, but will also have the same effect as #1.


You’re essentially recruiting twice for the same position, and let’s face it, recruiting can be costly. There’s no need for recruiting over and over again for the same role, choose a reputable recruitment agency and get it right the first time.

Expecting too much

There’s nothing wrong with having high expectations for your new recruits, but expecting them to jump right in within their first hour is a bit much. This can cause issues with the new employee in that they may feel overwhelmed with their workload.

If you’ve got a question or think that we could help you or your business, contact one of our friendly IT recruitment consultants today.

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