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We all know how IT works, the traditional way of building an IT network involves servers, hardware, licenses and software, all of which is an expensive process involving many IT infrastructural demands with sometimes lengthy deployments. This traditional full IT model may be widely used but new technologies are changing the IT industry forever.

Now there are easy, affordable ways to take IT online and 'virtualise' the IT processes thanks to Cloud computing. Cloud computing provides easy access via online applications which therefore means there is no involvement of expensive IT hardware.

Cloud computing is defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology as a way of 'delivering computing as a service' instead of a product. Whereas traditional methods are essentially a utility of hardware, cloud computing is delivered as a service over a network. The cloud of course is a general term for the Internet and there are various levels of security and accessibility, cloud computing networks can be public, private or even a hybrid of the two.

A major development of cloud computing was from Oracle in 2012 who launched Oracle Cloud. It provides an integrated set of IT solutions, which includes software as a service, also known as SaaS and applications that are built as Saas.

There are many ways that Cloud computing is changing the face of the IT industry.

IT skills and requirements are changing; those who work in IT need to be able to work with and operate online networks therefore new skills are required. Universities will need to change the way they teach their courses, and of course they have already started to do so. But those who work in IT already need to able to get up to speed on the skills that are required.

Networks and It infrastructure are more secure than ever before, online applications and networks allow users to easily control security levels, which means it's easier to provide additional levels of security as well as being able to do so quickly

Cloud software is flexible and clod computing software can be adapted to meet complex needs and requirements; they can be shaped and scoped around the desires of those who wish to build them or use them, ad provide more innovative solutions.

Cloud computing presents a shift from expensive physical IT resources to a much smoother, high security, highly controllable online resource that can benefit everyone involved.

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