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A little well-spent time thinking about your hiring strategy now could lead you to your most successful Q1 ever.

Hiring tips for the festive period



Take the time to really think about your teams' needs now, before you're  on the backfoot trying to hire in the new year along with everyone else with all the new year's momentum and deadlines already slipping away. 


Lean on the expertise of an agency to maximise your use of time. We use tools such as SourceBreaker along with countless other subscriptions to ensure that no stone is left unturned. Fewer candidates will be actively searching for work over the holidays- that's why we work to get in touch with suitable candidates and sell your company at an opportune time to touch base with candidates just as they're starting to think about a move. The early bird catches the worm.


The festive period can throw up a multitude of irregular work times, so flexibility is key. Perhaps your candidate doesn't have the annual leave to visit your offices during work hours. Be open to early morning or later evening interviews- it may be a pain at the start, but your flexibility will impress the best candidates. Alternatively, why not consider hosting the first few stages of the interview via Skype?

If you're interested in reviewing your hiring strategy and gaining the peace of mind of starting January with your dream team already in place- Get in touch! 

Hiring in 2018

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