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With each university in the process of releasing the finalised classifications to their final year students, graduate recruitment season is in full swing. The technology industry is consistently updating, innovating and developing. We at Applause believe that it is imperative for organisations within the technology industry to ensure they are bringing fresh talent into their company culture to bring innovative ideas and perspectives to the table. North West Graduates Employability Universities in the North West that particularly stand out are; The University of Manchester, Lancaster University, Liverpool John Moores & Salford University. These four providing computer science courses that are ensuring their students are ready to jump straight into a role within the graduate market. It is the job of the university to prepare its students for a career beyond their time with the institution, these universities can boast a 100% employment rate of their computer science graduates. Universities also based in the area, including University of Liverpool, Manchester Metropolitan University, Edge Hill University & University of Central Lancashire, have a further employment rate of between 90%-95%. In the 2015/16 academic year, the Higher Education Statistics Agency found that 32.8% of students that moved to the North West from another region of the UK found work and remained based in the North West following their studies. This figure is second only to the London region which stands at 51.1%. This is a clear indication that graduates are recognising the North West as an ideal location to begin their careers. Student Migration - remaining where they studied The average salary for computer science graduates is £19,000-£25,000 which is typical of the general graduate market, however computer science graduates have the potential to quickly develop a niche skillset which can raise their stock at a company significantly in the early stages of their career. Some Universities have responded to a recent trend in data mining and have now incorporated this into the teaching of Master’s level courses. Data Science MSc at the University of Salford dedicates a whole module to Applied statistics & Data Mining, allowing students to become familiar with the tools and techniques required to build decision making systems for organisations. It’s not only computer science students that are preparing themselves for life in the tech industry, students of various STEM disciplines are boosting their skills with computer related courses through providers such as Udemy and Skillshare. Both sites offer masterclasses on Python, JavaScript, C#, PHP, etc. which enables students of natural sciences to enhance their skillset to suit a wider range of roles that they are ready fill upon completion of their course. The North West is certainly a region on the rise, and it is not only graduates recognising this. Many large organisations are now relocating their head offices to the area in search of more affordable real estate and fantastic transport links. The development of MediaCity in Salford has been the cause of a lot of large digital and media-based companies to relocate to the North West. Among the occupants of the new development are ITV, BBC, Ericsson, Dock10 and Kellogg’s. Much like MSP, MediaCity offers a range of services or companies from meeting rooms to office space, the developers are also passionate about the sustainability of their environment, ensuring that they remain dedicated to providing environmentally friendly, clean spaces for businesses to operate in for years to come. This commitment is another factor in attracting young professionals to the area, with the current wave of graduates being much more environmentally conscious than generations that have come before them. Most Attractive cities to live & Work The growth of technology firms in the North West is likely to be a key factor in the attractiveness of the area to recent graduates. Manchester Science Partnership (MSP) are a developer for STEM business environments that have four campuses across Manchester and Cheshire. As a company, they pride themselves on providing incubation, laboratory, office and meeting spaces for businesses working within the Science, Technology, Engineering & Manufacturing industry. The MSP group pride themselves on providing a working environment tailored to the needs of the organisations that inhabit them, they are passionate about aiding the development of companies at every stage of their lifecycle, from start-ups to global businesses. With two locations in Manchester and one in Salford, organisations within the MSP campuses can utilise their location when enticing students to their graduate programmes. A recent study from the Royal Mail ranked Manchester as the 5th most attractive city to live and work in. The study considers average earnings, cost of living, access to green areas and number of start-ups per capita.   Perhaps it’s time for other regions in the UK to be a bit more ‘North West’?

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