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There are two old sayings that we can use here which are both prevalent to the subject matter. A company is only as strong as its employees and ‘if it ain't broke don't fix it’. If you are flying high due to the quality of employees you have in your workforce then congratulations and kindly leave the room as you don't need to hear this! If you aren't however, then your strategy could be broke and need fixing; pronto.

Hiring the best talent is at the very core of any business and the key drivers behind long term success.  There are many reasons why the talent you have on board is critical to have a competitive edge over others in the same field.  Recruiting this talent isn't that easy however and both time, money and effort needs to be invested in getting the right person for the job at the first time of asking and not having to settle for the best of a bad bunch rather than a candidate that is genuinely ideal for the job.

If your company is suffering a recruitment or retention crisis then it’s time to step back, and cast a critical eye over your current recruitment process. Is it outdated?  Are you just churning out ads in the same way you always have? Are you selling your company as a brand? Are you selling your culture? Are you making your company appear to be somewhere everyone would want to work if they had a chance? If any of these has the tick in the wrong box then it’s time to sort it out.

However, you’re not alone, as recruiters we have many tools at our disposal, a couple of which we’ll share with you now. There are so many technological tools out there to help you in your recruitment process, you may be missing a trick by not implementing them or asking your recruitment team to do so.  These tend to come together in what is called a Recruitment Software Suite and the following are a couple of the key tools within that suite than could benefit your company greatly in getting the right talent on board.

Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant Tracking Systems or ATS, allows you to simplify the process of recruitment while also making it more effective in both time and money.  It is similar to those systems used for customer relationship management but geared towards recruitment tracking. You can set the system to filter applications using key or buzz words in such areas as skills, former employment, experience or qualifications. This effectively means that all those CV's which arrive are first run through your own version of a search engine, it’s key to remember though, it’s a machine and effectively an algorithm running these so some human intervention and sanity checking is always wise.

Another ATS benefit is that it can analyse and coordinate recruitment efforts, in other words manage that conceptual structure we know as human capital. You can often implement your own company career board into an ATS letting current employees know of any vacancies before you openly recruit. This tool also lets you know instantly if applicants have previously applied for jobs and the reasons they were declined and allows you to compile a short list of 'nearly there's' which you can target for future vacancies.


Recruitment apps are nothing new granted but the latest ones allow companies to target their potential candidates demographically using GPS technology and push notifications or even through third party apps like Four Square. Not allowing the millions of smartphone users instant access to your vacancies is where so many companies are falling down. While we all know we can access the Internet via a smartphone and thus search job sites many prefer the convenience of an app without fiddling around doing internet searches for on a site than may not be as phone friendly as it perhaps should be.

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