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So, you're a developer and you want to stand out in your field, mainly to help your career prospects? Here we look at some of the skills and experience you may want to have in order to get ahead of the game.

Recently, many developers have concentrated their careers on short term contract roles, giving them the flexibility and challenge of working across a variety of projects with a variety of clients.

However, there has been a certain shift in that trend with people now looking for the security offered by a longer term or permanent contract. With this in mind it is important to look at areas on your CV potential employers are looking for.

Development systems (.NET, Java, PHP)

You don't need to know all three, although you would be very employable if you did! However, a good developer will need to know one of the three main development systems, .NET (VB.NET or C#), Java, or PHP in order to secure employment, It's also not really enough to just know the core languages anymore, it stands out on your CV if you know libraries and associated frameworks too.

Rich Internet Applications

Whether you love flash or hate it, Flash has very much taken a back seat in web development, mainly due to the issues displaying on tablet and mobile. However, with HTML5 now incorporating rich internet applications which includes database connectivity it is a valued skillset employers are looking for. It's also useful to have a good knowledge of Javascript, jQuery, CSS3 and Backbone.

Web development

Web development is here to stay, for the foreseeable future anyway. Any web development now needs to move away from a basic framework and offer users at the very least a responsive approach. Companies are now looking for more and more skills to work with technology and hand code as well as being able to adapt and integrate more standard frameworks.

Mobile development

The late1990s is when web development became acceptable in the mainstream, slowly traditional desktop applications started to disappear in favour of web based apps. Back in 2008 mobile developments started to appear and became the buzzword of the moment. Now highly accepted as a key component to the majority of projects, web developments as a minimum have to be responsive, web applications have to offer a mobile based version to run on many devices and the list just keeps growing. Mobile development on your CV is a must if you want to be in the mix when companies are looking at filling a development role.

Softer skills

Corporate IT departments are now finding themselves more embroiled in company issues for systems they didn't deploy and know little about! Developers are being called to meetings to provide feedback on processes and systems, for example on the integration of legacy systems and new software for call centres, accounts and marketing departments all trying to use the CRM.
Although there are no specific IT skills for this, you will stand out from the crowd if you can show how you have communication skills and have experience of these processes.

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