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We have mentioned in previous posts how to make your CV stand out but what about taking things a stage further and being creative with your approach, particularly if you’re applying for a creative role, why not use your CV to showcase your skills?

Although these are not suitable for all jobs out there, we have stumbled across some really creative CVs we thought we should share to give you some inspiration.

Online CVs

This is a little gem, the site is free to use and basically hooks up with your LinkedIn profile and creates a really nice little website of you, your experience and work history. We’ve yet to dig any deeper but first impressions it’s well worth a look.


If you work as a designer or an illustrator CVs showing creativity doesn't come much better than this. You might want to include a word document version as well, many automated recruitment systems look for keywords within your CV so you don’t want to miss out.  As far as graphics go, we thought some of these really stood out


For some people showing off their graphical skills just isn’t enough, they also want to highlight their creativity and ability to think outside the box. One of our personal favourites was Melissa who has a unique sewing ability, perfectly showcased with a sewn CV – genius!


Victor who is a Canadian graphic and web designer took thinking outside the box to a whole new level with his cereal box CV.


And who can forget Adam, he spent his last £500 on a billboard and campaign to find himself a job. The publicity surrounding his unique idea was overwhelming, he saw offers of over 60 jobs so it’s safe to say it was a success.

We’re not suggesting for a moment that you sit at home with your sticky tape and Blu-Tack but it is worth thinking about how to showcase your skills and whether there is an eye catching, memorable and different way for you to stand out from the crowd.

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