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Being an IT recruitment consultant can be hugely rewarding. We listen to our clients, get to know our candidates and support people in finding jobs where they are likely to spend 50% of their waking hours. We may think of ourselves as the ingredient which makes companies grow, but it’s not always so glamorous. We’re all human, and sometimes a perfect candidate and a perfect role can all go speedily downhill in the most unexpected ways…

We at Applause IT fancied starting 2017 with a fresh start, so here we are, laying bare our most embarrassing recruiting mishaps so that we can put them to bed and start 2017 afresh.

Without further ado, let’s raise a glass to our most cringe-worthy IT recruitment stories in the hope that they aren't revisited in 2017.

Confessions of an IT recruitment Consultant


1. The one with the 'inner Bear Grylls'

It was all going well, until the candidate pulled out a pocket knife during the interview inducing a near heart attack in the interviewer! To the candidate’s defence, the knife was to act as an earth plug in order to charge their EU phone charger in a UK power socket. Seems reasonable enough….if you’re the IT Crowd’s answer to Bear Grylls…


2. The one with the Rice Emergency

En route to a much anticipated interview I got a panicked phone call from a candidate who had spilt Diet Coke on their iPad and wanted to turn home immediately to place it in a bag of rice. The interview was not rescheduled and we didn’t hear an update on the fate of the iPad.


3. The one with the Public Indecency

This one sparked a number of embarrassing conversations. Arriving late for an interview, a candidate decided (in what we can only assume was a moment of madness) to urinate in the client’s CAR PARK rather than rushing into the interview and simply asking to use the loo. How do we know this? Yes, you’ve guessed it. The interviewer SPOTTED the candidate in all his urinating glory from his office window!  Try combating your interview nerves after that first impression!


4. The one without the Deja Vu

This one hurts to retell, as it could happen to anyone. Suited up and prepped to the eyeballs, our eager candidate arrived:  the right time, the right place- but a whole week early!  Unfortunately, the hiring manager wasn’t in the office to see our candidate, and so they simply had to return a week later, head held high.


5. The OTHER one with Public Indecency

We know we harp on about building ‘relationships’ with our candidates, but one candidate took this to a wholly new unexpected and inappropriate level. The pros to having a work phone? I’m always available to speak to candidates when I’m on the go and out of the office. Cons? Some candidates think it will improve their chance of getting a job if they show us a little more of themselves than we’d like. Cue the completely ridiculous candidate who sent our recruitment consultant a nude pic! We’re sorry the position is definitely no longer available.


6. The one with the Unfortunate Nametag

This one is from our very own IT Recruitment Consultant, Alex Pitts. Excited for a meeting with a London based client, he arrived at the reception only to find that there was no meeting in the diary for an "Alex Pitts”. Perplexed, he asked the concierge to double check. “Ah, yes we have a meeting on our schedule, for an "Alex Tits”. He wore his visitor name badge proudly all day.


We’re sure these recruitment blunders aren’t only confined to IT sector, so if you have any embarrassing recruitment disasters from your own industry- let us know! Misery loves company. 

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