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Hiring an IT contractor is often misconstrued for being an easy job, one that needs little effort and thought. However, just because they are a contractor and not a ‘permanent’ fixture on the payroll does not mean that they are not important. IT contractors are often hired for high-profile projects which need careful consideration and certain expertise. Therefore, arguably, they are one of the most important business investments you make. In this blog, we’ll outline the most common mistakes that hiring managers make when recruiting IT contractors. No Clarity When recruiting a contractor to work on a project within your company, you may find that your approach includes getting somebody as fast as possible to get to work as quickly as possible. This no clarity approach can cause confusion in the recruitment process. Getting whatever is available as quickly as possible at the time of recruiting can end up pretty costly later down the line. Short-term Fix Using a contractor as a short-term fix can be a mistake. Whilst projects are usually short term, in that the contractor is often not needed once the project is finished, viewing them as such is bad news for the company and the work that follows. For the company, the short-term option may be the best and the only one, so choosing the right way to go about it is the most crucial. The IT industry is suffering from a massive skills shortage, and temporary contract workers are on the rise. With this in mind, there are tons of freelancers and IT professionals available on a contract basis, so understanding what you need, and when you need it is crucial to ensuring that the best talent is hired for the job. Just because the desired contractor will be working for your company on a short-term basis until the project is over, doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t fit into your company. A cultural fit is just as important for short-term hires as it is for permanent fixtures on the payroll. This person will come into your organisation and work alongside you for weeks or months, and if they’re not in tune with your culture, it could go horribly wrong. Numerous Agencies Using multiple agencies to obtain a contractor for your project is a massive mistake to make. You’ll have more CVs thrown at you from competing agencies, giving you less time to review them. Some companies view using multiple agencies as a quicker way to get staff in, which, in part is true. You will receive more CVs and seemingly a lot more interest, but in reality, those are often unvetted CVs thrown over in the hope of getting the winning deal as competition stacks up. Choose your recruitment agency wisely, the contractor scene in the IT industry is incredibly competitive. Use an agency that understands you as a business. Applause IT are specialist IT recruiters with comprehensive knowledge of the IT industry. We aim to understand your business, goals, and what you stand for in order to get the right talent for you. Ultimately, we want to be an extension of our company to ensure that you’re getting the right support for you.

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