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Each year we’ll be hosting the blog awards to highlight the very best in tech related blogs, including the first in the series, the Cloud Blog Awards. 

If you’re looking for informative, insightful and entertaining cloud computing blogs you’ve come to the right place. Here are the top 20 cloud computing blogs online. As you’re aware there’s no shortage of high quality cloud blogs on the web but we’ve decided to show you the very cream of the crop. Whether you’re a proud cloud geek or a relatively new to ‘the cloud’ you’ll find all the information and tips you need from these guys.  

Cloud Tech

Edited by James Bourne, CloudTech is a thriving community of professionals interested in cloud computing strategy and technology. In their own words "We take the best industry research and put our own spin on it, report from the frontline of cloud computing news, as well as feature contributions from companies at the heart of this revolution".


ReadWrite was established in 2003 by Richard MacManus and is now one of the most widely read and respected tech news sites in the world. It covers cloud from all angles and we have to say it's one of our all time favourite sites. 



Another outstanding resource for Cloud computing news, analysis, research, how-to, opinion, and video. An independent voice best known for identifying important tech trends early, InfoWorld delivers unique insight drawn from the professional experience of a core group of thought leaders.


Cloud Ave

CloudAve has a diverse team of contributing authors who represent backgrounds in the intersection of IT Infrastructure, Software and Business and Cloud. The blog has no official standpoint on cloud based issues and encourages users to participate and add their views to the debate.


Greg Ness describes his blog as his rants and ramblings, mostly about networking, security and virtualization. Having been to more than a thousand briefings with analysts, press and enterprises over the years he is a recognised authority when it comes to technology, trends and players.

The State of Me

Chris Swan blogs about an array of technology. He's had an interest in technology since a young age and started his career in IT after leaving the Navy in 2002. He quotes his hot topics as security, consumerisation, mobile and cloud computing.

Ben Kepes

Ben is a technological mastermind, his articles usually relate to how technology can help in a business environment. He covers the convergence of technology, mobile, ubiquity and agility, all enabled by the Cloud

Troy McAlpin

Troy is fairly new to outreach blogs. He blogs about IT in general with a strong focus on #cloud. His experience includes IT strategy and vertical market expertise including technology, banking, consumer and retail industries. 


Techopedia is a huge resource for IT professionals, technology decision-makers and anyone else who is proud to be called a "geek". From defining complex tech jargon to exploring the latest trends in cloud, they have it all.

Ricks Cloud

Rick Blaisdell is a leading expert with over 20 years’ experience in IT. He blogs and comments on a range of cloud based topics and solutions. He also allows high quality guest blogs from other industry experts giving a rounded opinion on all topics. 

Cloud Pulse

Sam Charrington is an analyst, advisor, consultant and the principal of Cloud Pulse Strategies. Sam has a broad range of technological interests but focuses on cloud and big data.


Gestalt IT

The Gestalt IT blog is maintained by a group of individuals with different IT backgrounds but a common focus on enabling the best in IT infrastructure solutions. The team work in end-user consulting, integration services, and in-house IT organisations and offer insight and analysis to their readers.


Cloud Tweaks

From wearable technology, mobile computing, cloud computing and big data, Cloud Tweaks describes their website as the source for updates and news on some of the most innovative of modern technologies.


Cloud Computing Topics

Cloud Computing Topics is a blog from Olafur, the Founder of MTF LLC, a small consulting company registered in Delaware.

He is interested in how cloud computing is creating new opportunities for enterprises of all sizes and how “Clouds”, or cloud services, in general are truly changing the landscape of traditional IT and telco services, resource and service provisioning.


Think IT Strategies

Jeff Kaplan from Think Strategies looks after the Think IT services blog. It is an almost one stop shop for big data and cloud advice, tips and opinion. 


Cloud Pundit

Cloud Pundit is a blog by Lydia Leong, a technology analyst at Gartner, she covers cloud computing and a variety of related topics, including the ecosystem that feeds into (or is disrupted by) the cloud. "I focus on infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and am increasingly following platform as a service (PaaS) as it intersects with IaaS". 


Cloud Vane

Cloud Vane is a blog by Mario Meir-Huber  it covers his personal experience in Cloud Computing and Big Data with the Community.


Cloud of Data

Based in the UK and working globally, Paul Miller runs Cloud of Data to help clients understand the implications of taking data and more to the Cloud. He is also a writer for Forbes on Cloud issues. 


Pragmatic Cloud

Pragmatic Cloud is run by George Watt, he is currently vice president of corporate strategy at CA Technologies. Throughout his career, George has delivered innovations such as a lightweight event management agent, a knowledge base for a neural network-based predictive performance management solution, and one of the earliest private clouds.


I am on demand

I am on demand (IOD) helps technology companies create useful, innovative and engaging stories around technology and cloud based solutions.  It is possibly the website most packed with relevant and interesting cloud content.  



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