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on 18th Sep 2018
How to Embrace Rejection

Rejection is something that we often avoid at all costs, study has even shown it can be as painful as a punch to the head. So we felt it important to share a few stories of success that was born from rejection, and the best way to get back on the horse.

on 24th Jul 2018
North West Graduates Employability

With graduate recruitment season now in action we decided to take a look at the highest employability rates among computer science graduates. It seems the North West are beginning to hoard the talent they're producing and we're not surprised given the impressive statistics!

on 31st May 2018
five students graduating and receiving their awards

At the end of university, it can be overwhelming to know what to do with your career and how to go about it. As a graduate employer ourselves, our experience of the graduate labour market can assist you in gaining that all important graduate role. Get in touch with us today!

on 12th Apr 2018
3 computer screens and tablet displaying web development code with person using iPad

Are you looking to make your next IT contractor hire? Here’s some things to think about before rushing in, and if you’re still unsure, just give us a call!

on 12th Feb 2018
Person on laptop job searching

Partnering with a specialist recruitment agency can get you far in switching jobs. Give Applause IT a call today to get your career moving!

on 30th Jan 2018
Red vacant recruitment chair

Are you about to graduate, or perhaps you already have? Do you know what’s next for you? Read our blog to see whether a career in recruitment could be for you.

on 24th Nov 2017
Arranging Time off for interviews

We asked our candidates what their biggest hurdle was when looking for a new role. No one said finding a new role comes without its stresses, so we hazarded a guess at what our candidates’ biggest bug-bear would be.

on 23rd Jun 2017
Interview Preparation Guide: Get hired with tips from Ted Talks

There’s nothing worse than coming out of an interview feeling that the interviewer didn’t get to see the real you, or your enthusiasm didn’t shine. So how do we make sure we’re our enthusiasm shines when it comes to the interview and we’re likely feeling nervous, and our least confident?

on 2nd Jun 2017
The Applause IT family on graduation day

As a recruitment agency with years of consulting experience, and as a graduate employer training graduates to become specialist IT recruitment consultants, we wanted to pass on a few tips we’ve picked up over the years on landing a job. As you can see from our Applause family collage- we were graduates once!