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Attracting the creme of talent to your businesses relies on being perceived as a world class employer in your sector. Regardless of the current economic climate, top talent is always in demand. But take a company where their outlook is uncertain it takes a large amount of commitment from companies to portray their business in the best possible light.

Top notch candidates know they are sought after and in high demand so what can you do to attract only the very best?

Unless you are a brand new spanking start-up company it is very likely there you already hold an existing reputation – intentional or not. Given that candidates base their final decision on this impression; it pays well to have a strategy in place that creates the right message and encourage you to be heard.
A full employer brand is essential but we can show you ways to make this simpler. Hopefully you'll be aware of social media and the power it has to advocate your brand.

Digital channels have dramatically revolutionised everything we do and what we stand for. An advertising model that once stood the test of time is not being buried as it is replaced with a younger model that fits perfectly with the technology driven world that we live in.

Sam Rice, recruitment consultant with Applause IT recruitment explains "Companies all over the world and that includes you, are being asked to restructure their business and relish the powers of the internet that is now in the hands of their candidates. Candidates are taking the lead and taking on an investigation head when searching a new role. They are checking your website, your Facebook profile, your Twitter accounts, checking reviews and anything else that is visible to help them prepare for interview and inevitably make the decision to accept a job offer"

Companies are being asked to follow suit and take the lead.

There is no denying the success of the internet, highly regarded as the biggest advertisement channel that can sweep companies off their feet too. If you want to attract the top talent, traditional methods of advertising such as newspapers have been swept away with the wind and say hello to micro sites and social media. Put away your Oxford dictionary because it is time to start learning hashtag language.
The majority of recent marketing strategies are successful because they include digital marketing and social media as part of the mix; it is the prevalent form of advertising used in today's world with even video advertising proving extremely popular.

If you were to go back in time what would you tell the people of 1994 when the World Wide Web was a tiny idea? Not yet a household name but it is where the new age of advertising was coming alive and as they say the rest is history.

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