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on 23rd Dec 2016
Interview Setback

Every now and then recruiters have to deliver the news no one wants to hear and break hearts.

on 14th Dec 2016
Time is running out to use your annual leave

The average UK worker will have 6 days unspent annual leave by the end of the year. What can company's and employees do to stop the cycle?

on 2nd Dec 2016

Tired of being a 'pushover' manager but afraid to be more assertive? The DEAR MAN 7 step conversation technique is your ticket to clear communication.

on 29th Nov 2016
Software Testing Tools

As it’s nearly Christmas, we thought we’d share 100+ software testing tool reviews from your good friends at QA Symphony. Which software testing tools do you use and why? Who do you recommend and who’s getting coal?

on 11th Nov 2016
Facebook enters Recruitment arena: Worlds  implode

LinkedIn may be quaking in its boots at the industry news, but is there a deeper impact Facebook's Jobs trial? Applause IT recruitment experts explore.

on 14th Oct 2016
Wade and Wendy the robot AIs

Peter Gold's Recruiting Analytics webinar uncovers 3 emerging A.I's who may help take the heavy lifting out of recruiting.

on 14th Apr 2016
Recruiting for Start Ups

Recruitment can be a minefield at the best of times, but when you are a startup and looking for your first ever workforce there is even more pressure to find the perfect people for the job or jobs you have on offer. It can be tempting to try and do it yourself, but you will be investing so much of your time in the process you could find yourself stretched in other areas.

on 4th Apr 2016
Candidate Need to Knows

In the changing landscape, there is more to a job than simply the responsibilities involved. At one time, a job title basically covered the role and job ads covered roles and responsibilities in no more than a paragraph.

on 23rd Mar 2016
Graduate CV tips

I've had the privilege of speaking with some truly brilliant, intelligent University leavers who have gone on to great successes. But something I've found is that you could be a 1st class graduate from a great University... but still not know how to write a CV.

on 14th Mar 2016
Expanding your IT team

Whichever way you look at it, recruiting the most impressive employees to your business is one of the hardest processes you will go through. There is only so much top talent out there, and the fact remains that the majority of companies end up with the employees from the second or third level of the talent pool.