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We all know that modern mobile phones, or smartphones, are packed with technology. These small, hand held devices do everything except sing, dance and bring is a coffee in the morning.

We, as users, take it for granted that we will be able to browse the net, check and send emails, post on Facebook, play games or do whatever else we want to do with click or a swipe. We've been having a look at this to see what obscure facts we could dig up, and you will probably be as surprised as we were with what we found.

You Think Your Phone's Expensive?

Handing over a couple of hundred pounds for a smartphone or paying a fortune over 2 years of a contract is a real bug bear for many. After all, the technology is so widespread it should be getting cheaper right? The fact is that it is cheaper, way cheaper than it was at its inception. Take a trip back to 1983 when the first mobile phone was launched. It was big, ugly, heavy and had a great big antenna sticking out of the top. The price of this bad boy; an eye watering $4000! Considering all you could do was make and receive calls it puts today's prices into perspective somewhat.

Only in Japan….

How many of you have lost phones due to water damage? It is the number one reason for smartphones breaking down and one that many insurers are loathe to pay out on. Did you know that in the UK alone 100,000 smartphones are dropped down the loo? Well now you do. This isn't an issue in the land of the rising sun however as 90% of the smartphones in Japan are waterproof as teenagers here consider them as much an important part of showering as shower gel. Quite why you would want your smartphone in the shower is not for us to say, but the mind boggles…..

Pee Power

Sticking with the water theme scientists, though why or how is a mystery, have now developed a method of charging mobile phones which eliminates the needs of chargers completely. Imagine you are caught out by a dead battery in the middle of nowhere, how do you get in contact with people? You pee on your phone. Yes really, pee power is still in its early stages but is set to be marketed to adventurers and those who like to disappear into the middle of nowhere in the name of fun. You can sort of see the logic behind it but anyone who can't even hit the toilet is not likely to be able to get their phone battery past one bar!

Are You a Nomophobe?

Do you break out in a cold sweat when you lose your mobile signal? Do you feel like you have had an amputation of you can't find your phone? If this is you then congratulations! You are officially a nomophobe! It makes sense that those who really can't live without their phones would be given an official title and this is it. There is also a burgeoning market for so called nomophobe therapists to help you get over the loss of your mobile phones. Nothing you can say to that really…..

Ground Control to Major Tom

The amount of power packed into a smartphone never fails to amaze but when you look at the following comparison it actually beggars belief. The computing power in your phone exceeds that of the computers which were used in the Apollo 11 moon landing. So every time you pick up your phone you are holding more computer power than was needed to send men into space. There's a word for this; WOW!

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