Back in February, we took a look at Buffer’s ‘State of Remote’ report with an infographic of our favourite stats.

The life of a remote worker can be stressful, but an exciting one. The freedom to decide your office day by day is one of the true privileges of living in the time that we do. No longer are we bound to the corporate offices our parents & Grandparents spent their lives commuting to. It’s a brave new world out there, and one that we can explore on the daily.

That said, of course, we choose to work in our homes and the two or three coffee shops we live close to when we decide we want to feel like a writer in Hollywood. But hey, this is a judge free zone and if you want to smash out your emails in your coffee-stained pyjamas, then that’s your prerogative. Below we have scoured the vast network of apps available at our fingertips to compile a list of apps that will make the life of a remote worker all the sweeter.

Documents & Files

Google Sheets
Apple | Android

It comes down to a matter of preference with this one. I think Google sheets offer a cleaner UI within the browser but if you’ve been brought up on Excel then that is your prerogative, my friend.

Google Docs
Apple | Android

Again, it’s nothing personal against Microsoft here. I find Google apps easier to use and a little more intuitive. Voice typing a personal favourite feature if you don’t mind talking into your phone like a loon, I mean… we all know they’re listening to our every word anyway.

Google Drive
Apple | Android

This article is brought to you by Google. (We are in no way endorsed by Google…yet)

Adobe Scan
Apple | Android

If you are an iPhone user then the Notes app includes a really neat scanning feature for those times when you can’t work the space age printers in the Library. That being said, with a little research I stumbled upon this little gem of an app from designing powerhouse Adobe. Go on, give it a whirl.

Apple | Android

This article was brought to you by Grammarly.

LinkedIn SlideShare
Apple | Android

Create beautiful slide decks and become a LinkedInfluencer in no time at all.

Apple | Android

For those budding graphic designers among us that were brought up on Word Art.

Apple | Android

The note-taking behemoth with an anxiety-reducing user interface. Go paperless with your notes, stay organised and save the turtles.


Apple | Android

Yes, we noticed it too, their new logo looks like four Ducks. You’re never alone with your Slack group chats.

Apple | Android

The token Microsoft representative, for those that aren’t into the new Ducks logo of the above.

Learning & Development

LinkedIn Learning
Apple | Android

Fake it ’til you make it can only take you so far. Check out the classes LinkedIn offer for free, perfect for any freelancers out there looking to plug the gaps of their knowledge.

Apple | Android

Udemy would be my go-to but other services such as SkillShare offer a similar experience. As long as you’re learning you’re growing.

Py – Learn to code
Apple | Android

Fully embrace the mobile world and learn on the go.

Apple | Android

However much certain people choose to avoid it, the world is becoming ever more connected. Become addicted to new languages with the gamification element incorporated into the app.


Wall Street Journal
Apple | Android

Because successful people read the Journal. But seriously, there is a wealth of knowledge in current affairs on offer here. Such a connected world often means considering the external factors that could become very important to you.

The Economist
Apple | Android

More than just a Financial broadsheet, the Economist has reinvented itself to rival the Wall Street Journal.

Apple | Android

And why not check out the latest & greatest from yours truly while you’re there… Shameless Plug

Stay organised

Apple | Android

Manage projects with collaborative and beautiful roadmaps and never question what your next task is again.


Waze Carpool
Apple | Android

Tinder, but for driving to work.

Google Maps
Apple | Android

For finding those obscure coffee shops perfect for getting a bit of work done with a cheeky Black cherry & damson number with nutmeg and a smooth almond & chocolate body (Shout out to Method Roastery for the wonderful description).

Apple | Android

Remote life can get lonely, find a group to collaborate with and share stories.

Forest – Stay focused
Apple | Android

If like me you struggle with remaining on task and preventing your mind from shooting all over the place, this could be the best addition to the home screen you ever make.

SoSweat – Home Fitness & Coach

There has been a lot of research linking physical exercise with improved concentration & focus levels. But sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the computer and do something productive for yourself.

Home Workout (Android alternative)

For those Android users among us.

Apple | Android

Even if meditation isn’t your thing, you’ll love the sleep tracks & stories.

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