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on 2nd Nov 2018
Why Java is still the top dog

Java has sat on the throne of programming languages for the best part of the last 15 years. Aaliyah took a look at the ways in which Java holds an advantage over its competitors, including their work with Android and information about their relationship with Twitter & mobile games developers.

on 25th Oct 2018
How can DevOps help us reach the future that 80’s Hollywood predicted?

Doesn't it seem funny now that 80's Hollywood imagined we'd all be flying around in hover-cars when actually the only real contactless technology is our debit cards. Vytas looked into how close we may be to the reality predicted by Zemeckis et al.

on 17th Oct 2018
What is Microsoft Offering in 2018?

Our Midlands .NET Recruitment consultant Rhianne took a look at the latest Microsoft has to offer in their .NET stack, have a read of what she thinks.

on 4th Oct 2018
Microsofts Acquisition of Playground Games (Revisited)

We revisited Micorsoft's purchase of Playground Games and took a look to how this can enable Playground to achieve their business goals.

on 2nd Oct 2018
The Rundown on PHP

Take a look at the need to know facts on PHP from our PHP guru in the North West, Emmanuel Tetteh. He's given us the run down on the most powerful frameworks, the latest news on the LAMP Stack family and where PHP really holds an advantage over its coding counterparts.

on 24th Sep 2018
Testing & Quality Assurance trends of 2018

We took a look at how Testing & Quality Assurance has evolved in the first 9 months of the year

on 18th Sep 2018
How to Embrace Rejection

Rejection is something that we often avoid at all costs, study has even shown it can be as painful as a punch to the head. So we felt it important to share a few stories of success that was born from rejection, and the best way to get back on the horse.

on 6th Sep 2018
Birmingham's Tech Expansion

We have profiled a few of the most exciting technology based businesses currently operating in the Second city! Check out what we have to say about CrowdControlHQ, Kaido, Advanced & LightWave RF

on 30th Aug 2018
The Secrets to the Perfect Job Specification

A job specification is likely to be the first information a candidate encounters from you, we share our secrets on how to make yours stand out!

on 23rd Aug 2018
Get to Know our Academy

Our talent acquisition manager has been hard at work over the last few months bringing in the best & brightest from this years University Graduates. Get to know the members of our fourth Applause IT Academy a bit better with this article.