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on 16th Aug 2018
How to Attract Tech Talent

Attracting fresh talent to a business is one of the most important aspects of business life, this is the best way a business can stay ahead of the curve and continue to develop. Attracting new recruits to help shape a new direction can be a particularly tricky process that can leave hiring managers pulling their hair out.

on 7th Aug 2018
The Recruitment Partnership - Help us, help you

The UK MD of Indeed believes recruitment is one of the most important aspects of business and we have found how expensive getting this wrong can be. We feel a business should utilise every tool it has at its disposal, and that includes the use of a recruitment agency to aid their in-house team.

on 2nd Aug 2018
The Importance of Self-Care

Looking after your body & mind is a key part of every day life and it is important to have an employer that not only respects this, but also makes a commitment towards helping its employees live their best lives. We have put together a few ideas on how self-care can be incorporated into office life, and the benefits this can bring to the individual, and the company.

on 25th Jul 2018
Why Birmingham Makes Sense for Channel 4

From Digbeth to Birmingham 2022 to the emergence of High Speed Two, we list just some of the ways that Birmingham sets itself apart from the other cities in the running to become the new home of Channel 4.

on 24th Jul 2018
North West Graduates Employability

With graduate recruitment season now in action we decided to take a look at the highest employability rates among computer science graduates. It seems the North West are beginning to hoard the talent they're producing and we're not surprised given the impressive statistics!

on 25th Jun 2018
two professionals having a meeting over a laptop at a table

Working with a recruitment agency is an investment worthwhile making. If you want to know more about how the relationship works or how important it is to build a relationship with your recruitment agency, then give us a call today!

on 12th Jun 2018
desktop browser showing github in window with Microsoft acquisition banner

GitHub, Playground Games, and Semantic Machines acquired by Microsoft. What does this mean for the future of coding?

on 31st May 2018
five students graduating and receiving their awards

At the end of university, it can be overwhelming to know what to do with your career and how to go about it. As a graduate employer ourselves, our experience of the graduate labour market can assist you in gaining that all important graduate role. Get in touch with us today!

on 21st May 2018
two professionals shaking hands across a desk

Do you need to build a relationship with your recruitment agency? Perhaps you already have, but you want to know how to maintain it. Our blog explains how to build and retain that crucial relationship for success.

on 24th Apr 2018
animated employee leaving their job with belongings in cardboard box

With recently lost employees it can be difficult to realign your HR strategy to ensure that you’re retaining and attracting the best talent within your organisation. Here’s how you can learn from those lost employees.