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The surprising #1 stress for candidates during their job search...It's NOT what you think

on 24th Nov 2017

We asked our candidates what their biggest hurdle was when looking for a new role. No one said finding a new role comes without its stresses, so we hazarded a guess at what our candidates’ biggest bug-bear would be.

Hiring Tips for 2018

on 10th Nov 2017

A little well-spent time thinking about your hiring strategy now could lead you to your most successful Q1 ever.

We Find Out: What does 'Top-Tier' Talent Really Mean?

on 4th Oct 2017

Whatever it means to your business; you should figure it out quickly. From Indeed’s survey of company productivity, Apple proffered that their high performers were 25 times more productive than their average employees, and Google value that their highest performers are 300 times as productive!

Applause IT Day at the Races

on 29th Jun 2017

If you’re struggling to retain staff or want to build a more cohesive workplace atmosphere- we highly recommend a day at the races. Maybe not on the hottest day of the year, but still, a great day out.

Confessions of an IT Recruitment Consultant. Never have I ever….

on 13th Jan 2017

Don’t let annual leave slip through your fingers (it’s hurting your business!)

on 14th Dec 2016

The average UK worker will have 6 days unspent annual leave by the end of the year. What can company's and employees do to stop the cycle?

What startups needs to know about recruiting their first staff

on 14th Apr 2016

Recruitment can be a minefield at the best of times, but when you are a startup and looking for your first ever workforce there is even more pressure to find the perfect people for the job or jobs you have on offer. It can be tempting to try and do it yourself, but you will be investing so much of your time in the process you could find yourself stretched in other areas.

What candidates want to know before they apply for your job

on 4th Apr 2016

In the changing landscape, there is more to a job than simply the responsibilities involved. At one time, a job title basically covered the role and job ads covered roles and responsibilities in no more than a paragraph.

Engaging employees in their role

on 27th Feb 2016

You can bet your bottom dollar, at least one member of your team has lost interest in their job and your company, it may only be a temporary thing or it may be a little more serious and long term. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, in research from the USA it was suggested that as many as two thirds of employees are not “engaged” in their job.

How Happy Employees Make Your Business Grow

on 4th Feb 2016

Regardless of the size of the business the benefits of having a happy workforce should not be under estimated.