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The surprising #1 stress for candidates during their job search...It's NOT what you think

on 24th Nov 2017

We asked our candidates what their biggest hurdle was when looking for a new role. No one said finding a new role comes without its stresses, so we hazarded a guess at what our candidates’ biggest bug-bear would be.

Ultimate Job Interview Preparation: How to get hired with the best TED Talk tips!

on 23rd Jun 2017

There’s nothing worse than coming out of an interview feeling that the interviewer didn’t get to see the real you, or your enthusiasm didn’t shine. So how do we make sure we’re our enthusiasm shines when it comes to the interview and we’re likely feeling nervous, and our least confident?

Interview Guide: How to Answer Competency Interview Questions

on 8th Jun 2017

Top 5 Interview Tips for Graduates #interviewtips #graduatejobs

on 2nd Jun 2017

As a recruitment agency with years of consulting experience, and as a graduate employer training graduates to become specialist IT recruitment consultants, we wanted to pass on a few tips we’ve picked up over the years on landing a job. As you can see from our Applause family collage- we were graduates once!

How to Get Over Your La La Land Life Crisis

on 25th Jan 2017

Any candidate who has come out of La La Land feeling that their ambitions were dwarfed by Mia’s persistence to continue auditioning after 6 years of rejections, doesn’t have to despair. You don’t have to be willing to live from a piano tip jar to get more work-fulfilment. Start with simple questions.

Confessions of an IT Recruitment Consultant. Never have I ever….

on 13th Jan 2017

Career change - is it for you?

on 6th Jan 2017

If the goal is to learn and progress in a holistic sense and not merely to impress your immediate superiors, than a whole playground of career change opportunities can open up.

How to recover from an Interview setback.

on 23rd Dec 2016

Every now and then recruiters have to deliver the news no one wants to hear and break hearts.

What candidates want to know before they apply for your job

on 4th Apr 2016

In the changing landscape, there is more to a job than simply the responsibilities involved. At one time, a job title basically covered the role and job ads covered roles and responsibilities in no more than a paragraph.

Graduating in IT? Your CV probably needs some love - here's why.

on 23rd Mar 2016

I've had the privilege of speaking with some truly brilliant, intelligent University leavers who have gone on to great successes. But something I've found is that you could be a 1st class graduate from a great University... but still not know how to write a CV.