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We've been shortlisted in the Onrec Online Recruitment Awards 2016

on 18th Jan 2016

We’re delighted to be shortlisted for the Onrec Online Recruitment Awards 2016, the second time we have been shortlisted for a recruitment award in the last six months!

How the HR department can take the stress out of the workplace

on 15th Jan 2016

The role of a modern HR professional reaches far past the realms of hiring and firing, the human resources team take on many roles within the business they work for. Not only are there to offer advice on, and ultimately implement, a human resources policy, they also manage the recruitment processes, incentive schemes, training requirements and, possibly the most important of them all, manage the wellbeing of your employees.

How to become a games developer without a degree

on 7th Jan 2016

As of the start of 2016, the software industry in one of the last sectors that is still wide open and accepts those into the fold who don’t have a degree. While it is still a highly skilled profession, it is unlike finance or law, for example, in that there are no formal exams or accreditations needed by those who want to become developers, whether it be for developing apps or games.

How to ensure your key employees want to stay with your business

on 4th Jan 2016

Staff retention is the biggest single headache across HR departments and finding the key factors to keep your key staff onboard and grow with your company is not so difficult, it just needs more communication. Implementing some new strategies into your everyday business routine can dramatically reduce your staff turnover rate and greatly improve your reputation as an employer.

How to recruit the Jedi Knights to your business

on 18th Dec 2015

The fate of the galaxy or perhaps the fate of your business can rest on making the right decision when it comes to hiring your Jedi Knights. Getting the recruitment of your Jedi force is critical to accelerate the growth of your business. However, get this element of your business strategy wrong and you could find great disturbance in your force.

Don't miss out on the best candidates

on 7th Dec 2015

A study stated that it is harder now to find qualified candidates. Is this the true picture though, or are employers missing out on their ideal candidates because bias and errors in their recruitment process.

Is there a place for Snapchat in recruitment?

on 2nd Dec 2015

There are still many recruiters and HR teams who prefer the tried, tested and perhaps more costly methods in order to try and attract the top talent whereas others are adopting the modern, efficient and more cost effective methods such as social media and mobile recruitment as part of their recruitment mix.

Recruiting mobile app developers

on 23rd Nov 2015

If you’ve been tasked with your organisations mobile development project you may find you’ll be looking to expand your team to look for the specialists that are mobile developers. It may sound like an easy task, simply put an advert out there and watch the applications coming rolling in?

How to take ‘the risk’ out of recruiting

on 12th Nov 2015

Despite your best efforts the perfect recruitment process simply doesn't exist. What you can do, however, is reduce the risk of hiring the wrong person for the job and avoiding those inevitable issues which come from a poor recruiting decision.

Interviews should be a positive experience all round

on 4th Nov 2015

Hiring the wrong person can actually be more costly than not hiring at all. Accepting a job that’s not right for you in terms of skills, knowledge and company fit is also a nightmare, so it’s no wonder interviews can be such a stomach churning time for all.