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Top 5 Interview Tips for Graduates #interviewtips #graduatejobs

on 2nd Jun 2017

As a recruitment agency with years of consulting experience, and as a graduate employer training graduates to become specialist IT recruitment consultants, we wanted to pass on a few tips we’ve picked up over the years on landing a job. As you can see from our Applause family collage- we were graduates once!

The Largest Ransomware Attack in History Infects the World in Just a Few Hours- What Happens Next? #WannaCry

on 15th May 2017

We owe a huge thank you to @MalwareTech for his involvement in a global crisis, but attacks such as WannaCrypt are far from over. For companies who escaped last weekend's attack- use this as a clear wake-up call to make your anti-virus set up a clear priority going forward.

Are you Graduating this Summer?

on 5th May 2017

If you are excited to know your Java from your JavaScript, your scrum to your agile working environments, then recruitment could be the career for you! In our recruitment training academy, you’ll learn all the tools you’ll need to become a recruitment superhero along with the technical expertise to excel in the specialist IT sector.

Congratulations to our Recruitment Academy Graduates!

on 13th Apr 2017

With their academy days over, we’re excited for our new recruits to join the ranks of our talented team, to take what they have learnt, and continue to grow and forge their own path as specialist IT recruiters.

Spring Budget '17: How Will it Affect Employment?

on 15th Mar 2017

As recruitment consultants, we speak with the spectrum of workers daily from employees to employers, contractors and self-employed personnel to Ltd company owners. All of whom are directly affected by the budget’s biggest talking points, NICs, Returnships & the future of tech talent.

Giving Ourselves a Pat on the Back

on 10th Feb 2017

We know we're not supposed to harp on about our strengths, but we're pretty proud of our ability to build long-lasting relationships and want to share this with the world so that you know what a relationship started today could mean for the future. One of our founder's Mike Scotney has tale after tale of his relationship with his candidates and clients (seriously, don't get him started), some of which span their entire careers! Recently, he placed a candidate in a role in a new company headed up by a developer who Mike had actually placed some twenty years previously when he was a grad! Senior Recruitment Consultant, Alex Pitts, is also taking a trip down memory lane this week as he returns to his days at The University of Birmingham to deliver a free workshop for their newest cohort of soon-to-be graduates. Alex discusses' his story and how he was invited back to talk after graduating 5 years ago in his LinkedIn article here.

How to Get Over Your La La Land Life Crisis

on 25th Jan 2017

Any candidate who has come out of La La Land feeling that their ambitions were dwarfed by Mia’s persistence to continue auditioning after 6 years of rejections, doesn’t have to despair. You don’t have to be willing to live from a piano tip jar to get more work-fulfilment. Start with simple questions.

Confessions of an IT Recruitment Consultant. Never have I ever….

on 13th Jan 2017

Career change - is it for you?

on 6th Jan 2017

If the goal is to learn and progress in a holistic sense and not merely to impress your immediate superiors, than a whole playground of career change opportunities can open up.

How to recover from an Interview setback.

on 23rd Dec 2016

Every now and then recruiters have to deliver the news no one wants to hear and break hearts.