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The State of Play: Recruiting in the Games Industry

on 17th Nov 2017

Recruiting in the games industry is one of the best parts of my job. I’ve seen numerous games companies go from strength to strength with new titles and growing teams of developers, designers, product managers and data scientists.

Hiring Tips for 2018

on 10th Nov 2017

A little well-spent time thinking about your hiring strategy now could lead you to your most successful Q1 ever.

Changing company can be Scary...

on 25th Oct 2017

Changing company can be scary. Heart palpitations, shallow breathing, and sleepless nights. Sure, there is a healthy slug of excitement in the mix too, but leaving the team you know and the company you have worked in, can be incredibly daunting, even if we know we are going somewhere better.

We Find Out: What does 'Top-Tier' Talent Really Mean?

on 4th Oct 2017

Whatever it means to your business; you should figure it out quickly. From Indeed’s survey of company productivity, Apple proffered that their high performers were 25 times more productive than their average employees, and Google value that their highest performers are 300 times as productive!

Supporting Macmillan's Biggest Coffee Morning 2017

on 2nd Oct 2017

We #raiseamug to all those who helped support Macmillan’s biggest ever coffee morning. It’s amazing what we can do when we all pull together for a shared cause that affects so many.

Elephant Pumps with AquAid

on 8th Sep 2017

To date AquAid have built over 5,000 such Elephant Pumps across parts of Zimbabwe, Malawi and Liberia; and have donated in excess of £10 million to charity and are delighted to help them go even further!

Going on a Bear Hunt!

on 4th Sep 2017

Applause IT Director and running enthusiast, Mike Scotney, took the opportunity to hunt down all ONE HUNDRED Big Sleuth Bears across over 70 miles while contributing to Birmingham Children’s Hospital and taking a few snaps of their unique designs as he went.

Why #WITBragDay matters

on 14th Aug 2017

An open invitation for women in technology across the globe to brag about their careers and successes #WITBragDay.

Should you ever divulge your salary to a recruiter?

on 10th Aug 2017

Armed with the recruiter’s knowledge of the current climate and rates, you’ll be in the best position for negotiating. Trust is key. If you don’t trust your recruiter, find one you can.

Pride levels: Beaming! Welcome Tom, Edward & Alice to the team!

on 31st Jul 2017

We’re ecstatic to announce our second wave of recruitment graduates have earned their stripes in our dedicated in-house training academy and are now specialist IT recruitment consultants!